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The Phantom King was a very cautious person, and he'd studied Tang Wulin's battle footage in great detail. As such, he was quite wary of Tang Wulin's explosive power. His immunity to physical attacks wasn't complete immunity, and on top of that, he was still quite susceptible to the shockwaves from physical attacks. His main advantage was that he possessed far greater spiritual power compared to other Soul Masters of the same caliber, and that made him very adept at predicting his opponent's movements.

After learning that his first-round opponent was going to be Tang Wulin, he had immediately devised a strategy for himself; he was going to employ guerrilla warfare tactics to wear down Tang Wulin as much as possible. Tang Wulin's battle style was extremely explosive and brutal, and there was no way that he'd be able to sustain such an extraordinary level of offensive output. As long as he could weather the initial storm, he'd have a chance to retaliate. He was a very patient and composed fighter. Yue Zhengyu had lost to him even after gaining an absolute advantage, and it was just as Yue Zhengyu had deduced, that was certainly not just due to dumb luck.

Tang Wulin gently tapped his foot on the ground, and golden light shimmered from his body. The first thing to appear was the golden visor of his Dragon Moon battle armor. Immediately thereafter, specks of golden light appeared all over his body, and he also released his suit of two-word battle armor. His opponent had donned their suit of battle armor right away, and he certainly wasn't going to act cocky and refrain from doing the same. No matter what he thought of his opponent, he was still a Soul Master with a suit of two-word battle armor.

His left foot tapped against the ground, and he flapped his dragon wings vigorously. In the next instant, he was already hurtling directly toward his opponent like a golden shooting star.

"Golden Dragon King, Golden Dragon King, Golden Dragon King!" Raucous cheers rang out like tsunami waves from the spectator stands.

What they loved the most about Golden Dragon King was his insane explosive power. Even though all of his matches were quite brief, his brief eruptions of explosive power were enough to get one's blood pumping long after his matches had concluded.

Phantom King's body flashed, and he quickly retreated, displaying no intention of fighting fire with fire. His seven soul rings consisted of four purples and three blacks, and none of them had lit up yet at this point. During his movement process, his entire body seemed to have turned completely transparent. He was so fast that he reached the other end of the competition platform in virtually the blink of an eye, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake. He was even faster than Tang Wulin while using his golden dragon wings.

What incredible speed! This was an agility attack system Soul Master!

Tang Wulin stopped at the center of the competition platform and appraised h

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