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Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan were also watching this match, and both of them wore resigned expressions on their faces.

"Sigh, why did Xinglan have to come up against him in the first elimination round? This is downright rotten luck," Xu Xiaoyan sighed.

Yue Zhengyu said, "This may not be a bad thing; all of us always improve more significantly when battling powerful opponents, so even if Xinglan loses here, she should benefit immensely from this match. Old Man Sima is still too powerful for us at this point. He should've become a three-word battle armor master a long time ago, but he has such a bad reputation and so little money that he's still stuck with a suit of two-word battle armor. Who would've thought that would be a blessing in disguise and allow him to become one of the hot favorites in this competition?"

Saber Demon Sima Jinchi was the commander of the Southern Legion's Wild Gale Division, and he was also a senior colonel. In the Southern Legion, he had the nickname of Wild Gale Saber Demon, and he was constantly picking fights with everyone. Aside from the handful of most powerful beings in the legion, no one was a match for him. Even all of the eight-ring three-word battle armor masters in the legion were no match for him.

He was 42 years of age, and was addicted to honing his saber skills. His greatest hobby was to challenge other people to fights. He was convinced to join the Southern Legion by the legion commander, who was also Yue Zhengyu's grandfather, and he was constantly challenging the powerful beings within the legion. Furthermore, he fought in an extremely wild and aggressive manner, which often led to him hurting his sparring partners, so he was the kind of person that everyone tried to avoid.

He was the only one in the entire legion who dared to challenge the legion commander, and he lost every single battle, which was why he was truly respectful of Yue Zhengyu's grandfather. Otherwise, who would be able to keep him in the military with his personality?

The Wild Gale Division was the most powerful division of the Southern Legion. It was a mecha division, but what was quite comical was that its commander, Sima Jinchi, had no idea how to pilot a mecha himself. Instead, he dominated with nothing more than his Dragonslaying Saber and suit of two-word battle armor.

Yue Zhengyu's grandfather had always been intentionally holding him back instead of supporting him so he could become a three-word battle armor master, and he was doing this so Sima Jinchi could build up a stronger foundation. He had once said that if Sima Jinchi could become a Titled Douluo, then he'd definitely be one of the most powerful Titled Douluos in the entire world, and if he could become a Hyper Douluo, then he could even be powerful enough to pose a challenge to a Limit Douluo.

In the future, he was definitely going to be the brightest star of the Southern Legion. It was just a pity that his leadership skills were quite lac

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