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This type of wealth and foundation definitely couldn't be built up in just a day or two; it had been accumulated over countless generations.

Behind a huge desk sat an old man. Even though his hair and beard were both white, his back was still ramrod straight, and there were three dazzling stars on each of his epaulets, indicating that he was a federal general!

There was a massive artwork hanging on the wall behind him, depicting a man in a suit of golden full-body armor. The man held a huge sword in his hand, and there were three pairs of pristine wings spread open on his back. Each and every feather on those wings had been painted in an extremely detailed and lifelike manner.

The man who was taking care of some official duties while sitting behind the desk was none other than the commander of the Southern Legion, and the leader of the Holy Angel clan. He could be considered to be extremely powerful and influential, even in the context of the entire federation; he was Angel Douluo Yue Zhengen.

Yue Zhengen had been the commander of the Southern Legion for over 40 years, and under his control, it had become an extremely tight-knit unit. In a sense, it could be said that this was one of the special forces of the federal military.

The Southern Legion had the support of many of the major families of the south, both in terms of manpower and wealth, so the Southern Legion relied on the military the least among all of the legions in the federation. As such, it was very difficult for the military to plant their people into the legion as attempts to do so would be met by collective resistance from the major families of the south.

In the entire Douluo Federation, the southern region was the one that abided by traditions the most. In terms of technological development, it was lagging behind the likes of the central and western regions, but it was the wealthiest among all of the regions. Within the federal parliament, over 20% of the seats belonged to the major families and politicians of the south.

The federation had tried on multiple occasions to improve their control over the Southern Legion, but none of their attempts had ever succeeded as no one dared to offend the traditional hierarchy of the entire southern region.

One had to realize they comprised an undeniable force in the federal parliament. Conversely, these families also required support and backing from military forces, and it was exactly this powerful background that granted the Southern Legion so much wealth and such a strong foundation; even the military wasn't able to do anything about this.

Control over the Southern Legion had been held firmly in the hands of the Holy Angel clan this entire time due to the fact that the Holy Angel clan was the most powerful of those aforementioned traditional families; almost every generation had a Hyper Douluo or even more powerful beings among their ranks. A Hyper Douluo with the Holy Angel martial soul was more powerf

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