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After hurling his Golden Dragon Spear, Tang Wulin immediately activated his mecha's propeller again, sending him hurtling toward his opponent like a giant dragon.

He had forced his opponent to take defensive measures and used this opportunity to close down the distance between the two of them. If he could reach a certain distance from his opponent, then the battle would be as good as over.

He waved a hand through the air, and the Golden Dragon Spear returned to his grasp before being hurled forth again. He was going to use his Golden Dragon Spear as a long-range attacking weapon during this battle.

On this occasion, Number 231 managed to react in time, and a string of cannon blasts was launched toward the Golden Dragon Spear with unerring accuracy. As opposed to attacking the Golden Dragon Spear head-on, he was aiming at a spot just below the tip of the spear, trying to divert it upward instead of attempting to stop it cold in its tracks.

10 cannon blasts were unleashed at once, and four of them altered the trajectory of the Golden Dragon Spear while the remaining six completed a very advanced technique; stacked explosion!

A stacked explosion referred to when one cannon blast caught up to another before exploding at a desired location, following which more cannon blasts would catch up and continue to fuel the explosion. The six cannon blasts stacked on top of one another and exploded in virtually the blink of an eye. Due to the fact that these cannon blasts had been unleashed on a straight-line trajectory on this occasion, they were imbued with the most explosive force possible.

The six cannon blasts had exploded right in front of Tang Wulin, yet with the prior experience he had accumulated, Tang Wulin naturally wasn't going to allow his opponent to control him again. A series of Bluesilver Emperor erupted forth, enveloping his mecha in a suit of vines. Immediately thereafter, all of the vines seemed to have sprung to life as giant pythons with golden spines and meridians glowing within them. The vines themselves were also flashing with piercing light, and Tang Wulin made no effort to evade as he continued to charge on ahead.

That was way too barbaric! He was charging headfirst into a stacked explosion!

If this were only a generic mecha with no enhancements, then it would've immediately been blasted into pieces by the stacked explosion. However, with the protection of the Bluesilver Emperor vines, all of the explosive force was kept at bay.

Tang Wulin's powers had improved significantly, his bloodline power and soul power had fused with one another, and his two major energy cores had established a perfect connection; all of this had also been enhancing his martial soul. The Bluesilver Emperor had already taken on some of the Golden Dragon King's defensive and offensive prowess, so this stacked explosion was nothing to it.

After crashing directly through the stacked explosion, the Golden Dragon Spear had r

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