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"I made it into the final eight, but today's match was a little perilous; I didn't think that my opponent would be able to teleport his fire attribute soul skill directly into my mecha. Thankfully, doing so must have been very taxing to him, and I was able to defeat him with my Golden Dragon Spear before my mecha was destroyed."

"I'm glad you won, but do take care, Father. You have to come visit me after the competition, and you have to stay for at least a few extra days when that time comes."

"Alright, I'll be sure to do so; you make sure to be a good girl as well. Did you eat anything good today?"

A surge of warmth flowed through Tang Wulin's heart at the sound of Gu Yuena's voice, and he ended the call after chatting with her for a while longer.

After that, he departed from the Blood God Battalion as it was time for his afternoon coffee again.

After he arrived at the cafe, he was surprised to discover that someone had already taken his usual seat; it was none other than that Senior Colonel Qian whom he'd met once before.

Tang Wulin strode over and sat down across from him before ordering a black coffee for himself.

Qian was looking rather dejected, and he was cupping his hands tightly around his coffee cup with a pair of furrowed brows.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly as he asked, "Are you looking for me?"

Qian looked up at him, and asked, "You're Number 66, right?"

"Yes." Tang Wulin nodded in response. They were both in the same legion, so he had nothing to hide.

Qian nodded, and continued, "I was unable to make it to the final 16 of the mecha battles, so you're better than me in that discipline. However, if we encounter one another in the next round of Soul Master battles, I want to see your true power. You haven't used any of your signature abilities during your mecha battles; are you trying to hide your identity?"

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly. "I only use the most suitable abilities in battle."

Qian finished the rest of his coffee in a single mouthful before nodding at Tang Wulin, then stood up and departed from the cafe.

What a strange guy! He seemed to be very competitive and keen on facing Tang Wulin.

That brief interlude from Qian didn't affect Tang Wulin's good mood at all.

His coffee was soon brought to him, and as he inhaled its rich fragrance, he couldn't help pick up the cup and take a boiling hot sip.

Right at this moment, a gentle voice sounded from beside him. "Congratulations."

Tang Wulin turned to discover that Long Yuxue was standing beside him. It seemed that she had already returned to normal.

She was a soldier, after all, so her mental fortitude was far stronger than that of the average person.

"Thank you. Take a seat; do you want something to drink? I'll treat you," Tang Wulin offered with a smile.

Long Yuxue sat down across from Tang Wulin before ordering a cup of her favorite hazelnut coffee. She then turned to Tang Wulin,

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