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In the instant that the two clashed, Tang Wulin was immediately struck by the same vortex suction force as before.

He possessed insane strength and offensive prowess, but in the face of Yuanen Yehui's strange vortex-like power, he felt as if his fist had struck a swamp. His power was diverted elsewhere by her, and at the same time, it was being used to contribute to the suction force that was acting on him.

This was a very terrible feeling, as if he were pulling himself forward, and his body was being wrenched forward in an uncontrollable manner. Furthermore, the more force that he exerted, the stronger this feeling became.

Yuanen Yehui let loose a muffled groan. Even though she had drawn upon Tang Wulin's strength, it was too much for her to handle, and the extremely fearsome explosive nature of his strength had dealt her quite a heavy blow. She only managed to prevent herself from being forced backward by channeling the immense power of her Devil Titan body, and as she diverted Tang Wulin past her, she stomped a foot toward his knee.

Following the previous clash, she immediately recalled Tang Wulin's torso bone, so she was now making an active effort to not attack his torso.

One's joints were always the most vulnerable parts of their bodies, and that applied even for someone with a physical constitution as powerful as Tang Wulin's.

Tang Wulin bent his knee before raising his leg backward to evade Yuanen Yehui's attack, and at the same time, he bent his other leg to sit downward, trying to use his own immense strength to drag his body backward.

The Divine Cloudvortex Fists was indeed an extremely profound ability, but Yuanen Yehui could still only control Tang Wulin for an instant.

Yuanen Yehui quickly released Tang Wulin's arm, which had been drawn in by her vortex suction force, and her body appeared beside him in an instant before she unleashed another punch.

In order to control his own body and evade her attack, Tang Wulin's body was currently contorted in a rather strange position. As such, Yuanen Yehui had completely seized the initiative, and her punch was aimed directly at his center of gravity.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's exemplary bodily control and immense strength really shone through. The big toe of his right foot exerted force into the ground, and he was able to propel his own body to the side with nothing more than the strength of a single toe.

Yuanen Yehui's eyes lit up, and she immediately unleashed her sixth soul skill without any hesitation.

She knew Tang Wulin extremely well, and she was aware that she was only able to completely control the battle as Tang Wulin was holding back and trying to test out her abilities.

However, this was the battlefield, and she had to take advantage of everything that could help her win; this was a lesson that they'd learned over and over again on the demonic island. As such, she chose to strike at this opportunity without any hesitation as

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