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He strode toward the top of the hill, and with his Blood God Bracelet as identification, none of the sensory devices within the legion base displayed any reaction to him. If he weren't concerned about causing an avalanche, he'd be really tempted to raise his head and roar to the heavens.

During this recent period of time, everything had been going very smoothly for him. His powers were improving, as was his relationship with Gu Yuena. After a while, he was going to tell her that he was her lover, as opposed to her father.

The recollection of her fragrant scent appeared in his mind, and a sense of yearning welled up in his heart.

He had already begun to fall in love with his life in the Blood God Legion. This place was completely isolated from the outside world, and everything was so peaceful here. All of the pressure on his shoulders could be temporarily lifted here, and ever since the conclusion of that abyssal tide, not much had been happening in the abyss.

He turned around at the thought of the abyss before casting his gaze toward the abyssal passageway. There was faint grey energy visible in that direction, and he had learned from experience that there were some truly fearsome abyssal beings.

He really wanted to explore the passageway and kill more abyssal creatures as that would greatly benefit his powers. In particular, after breaking the 10 Golden Dragon King seal and attaining his two major energy cores, he was now brimming with confidence.

As Blood Nine of the Blood God Legion, he was completely unrestricted here and could enter the abyssal passageway as he pleased.

It had been a very long time since he had last ventured into the abyssal passageway, and not much had happened in there following the last abyssal tide, so he was considering paying it a visit.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly, and he raised his right hand before sending Blood One a message through his Blood God Bracelet. He told Blood One that he was going to explore the abyssal passageway, but he was only going to explore the outskirts before departing.

Blood One's reply came very quickly. He agreed for Tang Wulin to explore the abyssal passageway, but cautioned him against venturing too deep into the passageway, and told him to immediately come back if he were to encounter any powerful abyssal creatures.

Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear was a very sensitive object that had already caught the attention of the abyssal plane. The abyssal tide had just concluded, and the most powerful abyssal emperors had all expended a lot of power during the process. As such, they wouldn't be able to do anything in the near future under the restriction of the seal that had been placed on the abyssal passageway, but it was still better to be safe than sorry.

Tang Wulin spread his wings and rose up into the air, gliding directly toward the abyssal passageway. He hadn't used his golden dragon wings much during his battles in th

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