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Tang Wulin replied, "I'm at the Blood God Battalion."

Long Yuxue continued, "Are you busy right now? I found a customer for you. The commander of the Iron Will Corps wants you to forge some metals for him."

The commander of the Iron Will Corps? Wasn't that Jiang Wuyue's direct superior? Tang Wulin had heard about this man, and he was somewhat of a legendary figure in the Blood God Legion. He had fought in several hundred battles in the past, and he always led from the front. He possessed extremely powerful combat prowess, and was an eight-ring Soul Douluo, as well as a two-word battle armor master.

He had made countless contributions to the legion, and apparently, he was going to be promoted to become a vice-legion commander in the near future.

"Alright, I'll head over right now," Tang Wulin replied.

Long Yuxue cautioned, "Corps Commander Ma has a rather short temper, so make sure to be careful with what you say around him. Also, he donates a lot of his accolades to his subordinates, so he's hoping that you can give him a discount; you can discuss the specific details when you meet him."

Tang Wulin replied, "Sure, I'll see how it goes."

Long Yuxue continued, "Corps Ma holds a very lofty position in the Blood Division, so if it's possible, try to give him a good discount; it'll be beneficial to your future development in the legion. Wuyue has already told him about you, and he's constantly been trying to get you transferred to his corps. He says that as long as you're willing to make the transfer, he's thinking of a way to get up to the major general rank, so he definitely thinks quite highly of you, and he's seen the footage of you in battle during the last abyssal tide."

"I see." Tang Wulin glanced at his epaulets, and wondered whether he should remove them before heading over.

Long Yuxue urged, "Alright, just come over now and we'll discuss everything else face-to-face."

At the forging workshop.

Ever since he'd moved into this larger forging workshop, Tang Wulin had had more space to work with. Furthermore, he'd recently purchased many types of uncommon metals to be used in his future black mecha.

Ling Wuyue had given him many suggestions, and she had specifically cautioned him against commencing the construction process too early. Her advice was that he had to learn more about the intricacies of mechas and also decide on the type of mecha that he wanted before commencing the construction process. After all, black mechas required an enormous amount of resources to build, so if something were to go wrong, then the reconstruction process would result in severe losses.

Aside from Tang Wulin, Long Yuxue also had a key to the workshop. Hence, after ending her call with Tang Wulin, she came to the workshop first.

The workshop was connected to the warehouse, and a smile appeared on Long Yuxue's face as she looked at the piles of uncommon metals in the workshop. She murmured to herself, "He real

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