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However, following that period of life force energy absorption, he could sense that the massive bottleneck ahead of him was wavering slightly for the very first time. How could he not be excited?

"Make sure to thank that kid for me; our Blood God Legion owes him a massive favor. Ask him if there's anything that he wants, and satisfy any of his requests as long as it's with reason. I have to go into seclusion for a while; Tianwu, I'll leave it to you to take care of the daily matters in my absence."After that, Zhang Huanyun's body vanished in a flash.

After absorbing so much life force energy, everyone else also returned to their living quarters to cultivate and truly integrate everything that they'd absorbed into their bodies.

The entire Blood God Legion had fallen silent as everyone was digesting the enormous life force energy that they'd absorbed.

Countless green saplings were gently swaying in the frosty winds amid this world of snow and ice, and at the very least, they weren't going to disappear in the near future.

Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes, and his five soul rings silently faded, as did the light that was shimmering from his skin.

He had never felt so wonderful before. Natural energies were pouring into his body with every single breath he took, and his bloodline fluctuations and soul power fluctuations were fusing together in perfect harmony, increasing his powers in a subtle manner.

He could sense that a string of breakthroughs had taken place during his absorption of natural energies and life force energy, and even though he'd only just attained a soul core, his soul power rank had already reached 64.

"My Lord, I'm ready to begin." The Beautiful Silk Tulip rose to his feet before extending a respectful bow toward Tang Wulin while the other plant system Great Beasts looked on with envy in their eyes.

The seed of nature had sprouted seven leaves, and they were now completely convinced that this Son of Nature was the real deal. Otherwise, how could he have germinated the seed of nature? If it weren't for the fact that this place was very ill-suited for its growth, the seed of nature could've quite possibly taken advantage of this opportunity to take root here already. As the Son of Nature, he was one with the seed of nature, and as long as he was situated within a certain range of the seed of nature, he could directly draw upon natural energies through the power of the seed.

"Let's begin!" Tang Wulin nodded at the Beautiful Silk Tulip.

The man nodded in response, and his body swayed as he instantly transformed into a massive purple flower. Flower petals fluttered into the air before revolving around Tang Wulin.

Powerful energy fluctuations surged through the air, and a peerlessly powerful aura was proliferating in all directions. A faint fragrance permeated throughout every single corner of the dormitory room.

In order to fuse a soul spirit, both parties had to be completely ready

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