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However, after enduring so many trials and tribulations, his mental state had become extremely disciplined and steadfast. He bit down on the tip of his own tongue, using the resulting pain to make himself more alert before he turned back in a determined manner.

He had to report the situation that he'd just encountered to Blood One right away. That abyssal creature had definitely benefited him greatly, but it had also posed a relatively significant threat to him, and who knew if he would encounter abyssal creatures even more dangerous than that one if he were to continue onward? Safety had to be his number one priority.

Tang Wulin began to accelerate in his return journey, and it only took him less than a third of the time to get to the entrance of the abyssal passageway. After that, he returned to the Blood God Battalion.

He naturally heaved a sigh of relief following his return, and he inspected his own bodily condition to ensure that there were no issues before directing his attention to his own mind.

As expected, his mind had become slightly more powerful, and he was able to detect the elements around him with noticeably increased clarity. If he were to continue to cultivate at this rate, he firmly believed that it wouldn't take him long to reach the Spirit Domain realm.

After reaching the Spirit Domain realm, he could directly use his spiritual power in battle, and it would create a strong enough foundation for him to cultivate all the way to the Limit Douluo level. It was said that only true gods and an extremely small proportion of demigods managed to reach the Divine Origin realm.

To Tang Wulin, the Divine Origin realm was far too distant for him to think about. At the very least, among all of the Limit Douluos that he knew of, not even a single one of them had managed to reach the Divine Origin realm. This was also why they didn't dare to try to make the breakthrough to become godly beings.

"I'm back, Blood One. Do you have some free time right now? I have some observations that I'd like to discuss with you."

"Sure, come on over."

After contacting Blood One, Tang Wulin went straight to the hall of the Blood God Battalion, and not long after that, Blood One emerged from his room.

"What are your observations?" Blood One cut straight to the chase.

Tang Wulin gave him a recount of everything that had just happened.

Blood One's expression quickly changed in response, and he said, "Are you saying that your Golden Dragon Spear can even devour Possession Demons?"

"Possession Demon? Is that what that black shadow was?" Tang Wulin asked.

Blood One's expression was clearly uncharacteristically excited; did this mean that Possession Demons were quite powerful?

Blood One appraised him with a meaningful look, and only after a long while did he reply in a serious voice, "Perhaps you really were sent to us by the heavens to resolve the issue of the abyssal plane once and for all. This is fanta

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