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After absorbing the energy from the 10th Golden Dragon King seal, his current self and his past self were truly a world apart. Not only had he attained a pair of wings, his dual cores had also changed, as evidenced by the fact that his yin yang vortex had transformed into a bridge between heaven and earth. His strength had become more powerful, even his martial soul had undergone a transformation.

What was a little disheartening to him was that not only had he not become more powerful in his current state, he had actually become weaker. No matter how powerful one was, there was no way that they could unleash the full extent of that power if they couldn't control it!

However, this was undoubtedly a good beginning. As for just how much the 10th seal had given him, that would have to be assessed through practical combat.

"Beep beep beep!" Right at this moment, the ringtone of his Blood God Bracelet suddenly rang out.

Tang Wulin glanced at the number, and a faint smile appeared on his face. He felt as blessed as a sleepy man being handed a pillow!

"Hello, Corps Commander Ma... Oh, I've been cultivating in seclusion for the past few days, and I've only just finished... Sure! I'll log on to the Star Battle Net right away; see you in the combat area," Tang Wulin said with a smile.

The caller was none other than Ma Shan, and he was inviting Tang Wulin to the Star Battle Net for a sparring match.

He did some simple stretches to experience the changes that had taken place within his body. A sparring match within the battle net was ideal as he could unleash the power of his new body without any inhibition to see just how much he had changed.

He entered the Star Cabin and logged on to the battle net.

Light flashed, and he arrived in the world of the Star Battle Net.

He quickly found Ma Shan, and he discovered that Ma Shan's nickname was just his own name. He was a straightforward man who didn't want to make things unnecessarily complicated.

"Good to see you, brother! Let's go for a sparring match. I'm going to be going all-out here; show me just how powerful the new Blood Nine is!"

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "Sure! I've been itching for a sparring match as well."

Ma Shan issued the 2,000 federal credits required and in the next instant, the two of them arrived on the competition platform.

Tang Wulin was silently sensing the changes within his body with his arms hanging naturally by his sides. His eyes were slightly narrowed, and there seemed to be faint light shimmering within them.

Ma Shan looked on at Tang Wulin and listened to the electronic countdown, and he was suddenly struck by the feeling that he seemed to have changed somehow. He seemed to have grown taller and more well-built. Also, why did his eyes look so bright? Overall, his entire disposition seemed to be different.

He wore a smile on his face, but for some reason, Ma Shan found him to be very threatening, as if there were some

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