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He recalled back to what he'd felt when he'd released that soul skill, and that sensation played out in his mind over and over again. To his surprise, even his memory functions seemed to have improved, and he was able to clearly recall every single minute detail during his recollection.

This was a very clear feeling, and he recalled that at the time, he had purely released his fifth Golden Dragon King soul skill on its own, rather than combining his soul power and blood essence power to unleash a blood soul fusion skill. He had only drawn upon his bloodline power, and it began to produce some kind of strange high-frequency vibration. These vibrations created waves that stacked on top of one another in a relentless manner, and the string of explosions that Ma Shan had been afflicted by had come from none other than those vibration waves.

This meant that the attack had been unleashed solely by the vibrational force of his own bloodline, and it possessed extremely potent explosive power, but also required a vast amount of energy to support. What was even stranger was that through his recollection, Tang Wulin discovered that when he was unleashing this attack, he had released it in all directions, so the energy expenditure had been extremely severe. When his bloodline power had been about to run out, his dragon core had violently contracted, drawing all of the soul power from his soul core and converting it into blood essence power so it could continue to maintain this output of explosive vibrational force.

Did this mean that after breaking through his 10th seal, his soul power and blood essence power were now interchangeable? If so, then that undoubtedly indicated a closer connection between his two major energy cores.

Just unleashing the soul skill on its own had produced such a powerful effect; what if he were to unleash it as a blood soul fusion skill? The rate of energy expenditure would definitely become faster, but surely the explosive force would also be increased.

He had to give that a try later on!

He entered a meditative state and constantly assessed the details of his fight against Ma Shan, benefitting immensely in the process.

This was a very direct type of improvement, and it directly connected to his overall combat prowess.

However, it would not be so easy for him to completely control his newfound power; that was something that required more time and practical combat experience. Thankfully, the finals of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition were about to commence!

Several days later, Tang Wulin logged on to the Star Battle Net again, and was surprised to find that the scenes he was greeted by had changed.

After logging on, the first thing that appeared before him was a shimmering golden door of light. He stepped into the door of light, and in the next instant, he was teleported to a completely different place.

"Welcome to Star City," an electronic voice announced.

Star City

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