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After forming the yin yang vortex, Tang Wulin's rate of cultivation hadn't actually increased by much. However, his soul power had attained a far higher level of purity. Now, each and every drop of soul power that he materialized was extremely pure, and even though his soul power was only at rank 65, his ability to sustain himself during battle was something that even a Soul Sage couldn't compare with.

As long as he continued cultivating, he shouldn't encounter any major obstacles, at least prior to becoming a Titled Douluo.

Not only did he have to cultivate today, he also had to take a very important step.

If he were to successfully take this step, then he firmly believed that his powers would be significantly boosted once again.

He was now in a completely calm state, and both his soul power and bloodline power were revolving evenly within his yin yang vortex. The process that he'd visualized surfaced in his mind again, and after one final round of confirmation, it was finally time for the moment of truth.

He took a deep breath, and the rotation of his yin yang vortex gradually slowed down. The connection between his dragon core and soul core was temporarily severed by him, and at the same time, he controlled the bloodline power within his dragon core to rise upward, following slowly into the golden world within his heart.

That's right, what he had to do today was break the 10th Golden Dragon King seal.

Old Tang had once told him that it would be best for him to break his future seals as quickly as possible, granted that the situation permitted him to do so. Only then would he have sufficient time to grow stronger using the Golden Dragon King bloodline power that he'd already attained, thereby giving him a chance to break through the rest of his seals during his future cultivation.

After the ninth seal, every successive seal was a trial of life and death, but they also presented him with opportunities for evolution.

Tang Wulin had only heard about this from Old Tang before, but he'd never truly experienced it, and now, he was about to have his first taste.

He had broken his ninth Golden Dragon King seal back when he had drunk the Dragonblood Wine in the blacksmith association headquarters, and since then, he'd attained his dragon and soul cores, and he'd also become a Soul Emperor.

In Tang Wulin's eyes, he already possessed the ability to break this 10th seal; he had already accumulated enough.

He wasn't nervous at all as he was confident in his ability to complete this breakthrough. What was more important to him was the experience that he would accrue during this process. The 10th seal was an extremely meaningful one, and it was going to be an indication of just how difficult it was going to be to break the final nine seals.

Tang Wulin still clearly recalled what Old Tang had told him; if he could absorb all of the energy within the 18 Golden Dragon King seals, then he would be the new Gold

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