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Blood mist exploded through the air, and only at this moment did a loud dragon's roar echo throughout the entire competition platform. A massive ferocious-looking golden dragon projection had also appeared behind him, and even though the projection vanished in an instant, it still left all of the onlookers with a very deep impression.

"This... This is simply preposterous!" The commentator was already completely dumbstruck. This was only the first match of the finals of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition that was being broadcast, yet the results had completely stunned everyone.

The commentators all naturally had a very deep understanding of the world of Soul Masters, but no amount of knowledge could prepare them for the incredible scenes they had just witnessed.

All of the finalists here had progressed through their respective regional competition, so there were no weaklings here, yet Number 118 had just been slain in what felt like the mere blink of an eye! The brutal way in which Tang Wulin had crushed his opponent, the dazzling dragon projection, and the deafening dragon's roar at the end had truly stunned everyone on a visual and auditory level.

This number 33's combat prowess was way too insane!

All of the spectators sitting in front of their screens were struck by the exact same feeling; asphyxiation!

That's right, it was asphyxiation. They felt as if they could sense the terrifying pressure emanating from the body of the man on the screen, and all of them were struggling to draw breath even though they weren't actually in his presence.

A large victory sign was displayed on the screen. The battle had concluded after just two attacks, and the entire duration of the match was only less than two seconds. It was definitely the fastest match during this first round of the finals, and perhaps the fastest battle in this entire competition thus far.

Tang Wulin withdrew his golden wings, and the number "33" hovering above his head was shimmering with golden light. As his wings were withdrawn, he vanished amid a flash of light. He had secured victory in the first round of the elimination stage.

He was only a six-ring Soul Emperor, but his combat prowess far exceeded that level! This was the impression that Tang Wulin gave to his competitors.

Even though he had killed his opponent in virtually an instant, the disparity in their powers wasn't actually that significant. His opponent had been killed so quickly mainly due to the fact that he had failed to judge his own situation.

The human body had limits when it came to strength and resistance. At the very least, that was the case before one exceeded a certain cultivation rank. However, the speed and strength that Tang Wulin had just displayed were both undoubtedly on a superhuman level, thereby drawing his opponent to a false conclusion. If he had adopted a fully defensive stance from the very beginning as opposed to trying to retali

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