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Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and now that the battle was about to commence, a sharp look immediately appeared in his eyes. In contrast, Blood Nine still wore his usual smile on his face.

"Three, two, one, begin!"

Blood Nine made an inviting hand gesture to Tang Wulin, and the latter quickly released his suit of battle armor.

The shimmering golden suit of battle armor encapsulated his entire body, instantly taking him to over three meters tall. A pair of golden dragon wings spread open on his back, and his aura elevated in a frenzy. He brandished his Golden Dragon Spear in front of him, and it was around four and a half meters in length with a platinum spear projection erupting from on its spearheads.

Blood Nine's smile remained unchanged, but he also summoned his soul rings, and they emerged from beneath his feet before revolving around his body.

There were nine soul rings in total, consisting of three purple and six blacks, and his enormous aura as a Titled Douluo surged through the air.

Tang Wulin swept his Golden Dragon Spear in front of him, and Blood Nine's expression changed slightly as he could sense that the aura that he'd released had just been sliced apart by Tang Wulin's simple gesture. The next thing that he felt was the scorching sensation radiating from Tang Wulin's body.

It wasn't scorching heat in a temperature sense, but instead, a scorching aura that originated from his bloodline. Four golden soul rings emerged from beneath Tang Wulin's feet before revolving rhythmically around him, and his aura continued to swell drastically. In particular, his blood essence power was even making Blood Nine's blood essence shudder slightly.

It was no wonder that Blood One had such a lofty opinion of him; he really was something else!

Blood Nine's eyes narrowed slightly, and a cautious look appeared on his face.

He was a Titled Douluo, so he naturally couldn't initiate an attack, so it was left to Tang Wulin to rush forward like lightning toward Blood Nine with his Golden Dragon Spear pointing directly forward.

He withdrew his wings slightly and didn't unleash any of his abilities for now. He had been able to fight in a carefree manner against Jiang Wuyue, but he was currently facing one of the nine Blood Gods!

He held his Golden Dragon Spear by his side with its spear projection pointing forward, and at this point, his pupils had already become vertical. His yin yang vortex was rotating at full speed at his behest, and his powers had been elevated to the very max.

The 100 meters between them was covered in virtually the blink of an eye, and when they were still around 30 meters away from one another, Tang Wulin tapped his foot in the ground, propelling his body into the air like a bolt of golden lightning. He pointed his Golden Dragon Spear forward, and the spear projection swelled drastically in size. He flapped his dragon wings and unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight, instantly elev

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