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As for the attack that had been unleashed by the Beautiful Silk Tulip soul spirit, that couldn't actually be referred to as an attack. Instead, it was Beautiful Silk Tulip's innate Beautiful Silk Fragrance. The Beautiful Silk Fragrance could cure all poisons and also clear away impurities, both of which were very beneficial effects. However, during this process, one's sense of pain would vanish, and they'd completely relax, which was why Blood Nine hadn't felt any pain after being struck by the initial attack. In the end, he was only able to react after a lethal blow had already been dealt, by which time it was already too late.

Hence, this soul skill was supposed to be an assistance and healing type soul skill, but it could also be used for other purposes, as was demonstrated.

Even Blood Nine didn't really know how he'd lost, but the undeniable truth was that he'd been defeated.

The victory tally above Tang Wulin's head increased by one, and he maintained a perfect battle record in the Star Battle Net. This battle had most definitely been his most perilous one, but he still won in the end.

After logging out of the Star Battle Net and emerging from his Star Cabin, Tang Wulin immediately sat down with his legs crossed to meditate.

This battle had had a very profound impact on him, and it could be said that this was the first time that he'd completely integrated his blood soul fusion skills into his battle techniques.

If it weren't for the formation of his soul core and his Beautiful Silk Tulip soul spirit, there would've been no way for him to secure victory, even if Blood Nine had held back. After fusing all of these abilities together, Tang Wulin felt for the first time that he'd already begun to attain the combat prowess of a high-grade Soul Master.

This stint of meditation was extremely important to him for consolidation purposes. As expected, battling against a powerful being was the best way to examine oneself. At the same time, both of his major energy cores had truly stabilized during this battle, thereby allowing him to begin to control all of his power.

He didn't have twin martial souls, but it was almost like he did.

He recalled that he had once been very envious of Wu Siduo's self soul fusion skill, but now, his blood soul fusion skills had completely surpassed her level. His blood soul fusion skill possessed enormous explosive power, and his combat prowess had finally reached the Titled Duoluo level.

It was already the next day by the time Tang Wulin concluded his meditation. He was completely reinvigorated, and even his spiritual power seemed to have improved significantly.

There was a message left on his Blood God Bracelet, telling him to go to the Blood God Battalion after his cultivation.

Tang Wulin replied to the message to confirm a time with Blood One, to which Blood One replied that he wanted to see him right away.

Thus, after doing some stretches, he picked up his Golden D

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