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Only through working hard in his cultivation would he be able to become stronger and better protect her. As long as he could reach a certain level of power, he wouldn't have to worry about her leaving him even if she were to recover her memories.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin was filled with motivation, and he immediately called up Jiang Wuyue to continue beating him...

"Why is it that after beating you up, I'm sore all over the place, but you're completely fine? What is your body made of?" Jiang Wuyue complained.

In the beginning, beating up Tang Wulin had been quite a satisfying experience, but after a while, he discovered that Tang Wulin wasn't affected by his beatings at all, yet he was always exhausted by the end. There's no way that Tang Wulin was human! Even iron and steel would've been reduced to powder by his attacks, yet they only managed to inflict a few slight injuries on him, and those injuries would be completely gone by the time they met again the next day.

As such, the initial sense of satisfaction and achievement was constantly on the wane.

Tang Wulin cracked his knuckles, and suggested, "How about we switch roles next time?

Jiang Wuyue immediately shook his head vigorously. "No way! By the way, why are you asking me to beat you up? With your personality, you definitely wouldn't do something for no good reason."

Tang Wulin made no attempt to hide the truth. "I'm doing this so I can better control my own strength. Now that you mention it, I don't really feel your beatings all that much anymore; it's time for me to change to someone else. I'll call up Big Brother Ma next time."

He currently shared an extremely good relationship with Ma Shan. He had forged all of the metals required for Ma Shan's suit of three-word battle armor, and they were not just soul refined metals, but soul refined alloys instead.

After breaking his 10th seal and attaining his soul core, Tang Wulin's control in his forging had also improved significantly. As a result, the success rate for his spirit alloy fusion and soul refinement had both improved drastically.

Ma Shan naturally couldn't be more pleased with this. Not only would a good suit of three-word battle armor enhance his powers tremendously, it would also forge a great foundation that would increase his chances of being able to attain a suit of four-word battle armor in the future.

In the world of battle armor masters, there were quite a considerable number of three-word battle armor masters, but four-word battle armor masters were exceedingly rare. This was partially due to the extreme shortage of Divine Blacksmiths on the continent, but a major factor behind this also lay in the flaws of many suits of three-word battle armor, which prevented them from being upgraded to a suit of four-word battle armor.

With Tang Wulin's forging skills, not only had many of the flaws in Ma Shan's suit of two-word battle armor been ironed out during this upgrade proce

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