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He silently inspected his surroundings to find that the spatial elemental fluctuations here were still quite powerful, and the abyssal passageway around him had taken on a deep orange hue. The temperatures here had exceeded 40°C, [104°F for mah American homies] so it was a lot hotter in here than it was outside. The temperature changes were currently the only indication to him that he was advancing toward the abyssal plane.

He stifled his own curiosity before turning back. It appeared that this was going to be a largely fruitless trip.

However, after walking for only a few steps, an indescribable feeling suddenly welled up in his heart. His dragon core contracted violently, and enormous blood essence fluctuations instantly erupted forth.

A faint cry of pain rang out, and Tang Wulin reflexively turned around while sweeping his Golden Dragon Spear through the air.

A black figure shot back like lighting, evading his spear and landing on the ground in the distance.

Was this an abyssal creature?

Tang Wulin was quite stunned by this sudden development as he hadn't sensed the presence of any abyssal creature even just a split second before this!

With his spiritual power and sensory abilities, that was quite extraordinary, and in the end, it was only his dragon core's emergency response that alerted him to the existence of this creature. It seemed to be very fearful of his blood essence fluctuations and was immediately forced into retreat.

Tang Wulin focused his gaze on the black shadow to find that it was a humanoid creature that was quite familiar to him. After taking a closer look, he was stunned to find that the black shadow bore a strong resemblance to him. Its height and figure were roughly identical to his, except its entire body was of a translucent black color, and its facial features were quite blurry.

The black figure seemed to be also appraising Tang Wulin, and there were no energy or aura fluctuations emanating from its body whatsoever. Tang Wulin's pupils gradually turned vertical, and a layer of platinum light appeared over his suit of battle armor. A spear projection erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear, and he thrust it directly toward the black shadow.

Powerful spear intent whistled through the air within the abyssal passageway, and platinum light flashed as the spear projection hurtled directly toward the black shadow.

The black shadow quickly retreated, and it appeared to be so light that its body seemed to be completely insubstantial. Tang Wulin couldn't sense any life force or energy fluctuations from the creature, but his instincts told him that this was a very dangerous being.

His spear projection hurled forth while a giant golden dragon emerged from the tip of the spear. This was none other than his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, and the golden dragon instantly encompassed the entirety of the shadow.

However, a strange turn of events then unfolded. As the golden dragon came

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