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Ma Shan was also quite taken aback. Tang Wulin's body wasn't very large compared to his, so he should've been able to evade that attack! Even if he were trying to fight fire with fire, this wasn't the way to do it. What was going on?

Tang Wulin crashed down onto the ground, and he was feeling quite speechless as stars danced before his eyes. This was the downside of not being familiar enough with his body. However, he also discovered that his physical resistance had increased.

Even after taking such a heavy fall, his body hadn't been struck by much discomfort, and he was able to immediately spring to his feet.


"Boom, boom, boom!"

One clash took place after another, and Tang Wulin attempted to control his dragon wings, as well as his new body, but he certainly wasn't as adept in this as he was when controlling his former body.

Thus, he was sent flying by Ma Shan over and over again, but he managed to get up every single time. After just a short while, his body was already riddled with injuries.

However, every time Ma Shan sent him flying or threw him to the ground, he would think that the sparring match was over, but Tang Wulin was always able to get up and dust himself off in a short time. After that, he would charge at Ma Shan again, and his combat prowess wasn't affected in the slightest by the heavy blows he was taking.

Following his evolution, his body had indeed become very difficult to control. In particular, the blood essence power being pumped by his heart-like dragon core was far too powerful and it was often the case that the vast surges of energy from his dragon core would make him lose balance. As such, his attacks were very direct and predictable, and he wasn't able to inject any variation into his movements. In short, he had too much strength for him to control.

Ma Shan may have been a pure strength-type Soul Master, but he possessed a vast wealth of battle experience, and had countless battle techniques up his sleeve. Furthermore, Tang Wulin discovered that he was also a Tang Sect disciple. His Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon had been cultivated to an extremely high degree of mastery, and it was especially effective in this battle, given that Tang Wulin was unable to control his body very well.

Tang Wulin rushed directly toward Ma Shan again, and the latter merely hunched over and sidestepped while encircling his arms together. A burst of suction force immediately erupted from the side, and Tang Wulin instantly lost balance once again. Ma Shan reached out with his right hand and grabbed onto Tang Wulin's ankle, then slammed him viciously into the ground.


A massive crater was smashed into the platform, and Ma Shan raised a leg before stomping down upon Tang Wulin. However, Tang Wulin managed to roll over in a timely manner before defending himself with both of his arms, then pushing Ma Shan aside.

Similar scenarios like this one had already taken place countle

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