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There were all types of elements dancing around him in an elated manner in the surrounding space, and he could clearly sense the changes taking place in the metal elements. His Spirit Domain realm spiritual power allowed him to experience all of these changes in greater depth, and as he forged, all of the natural elements around him were actually also constantly affecting the piece of metal before him.

He could even sense that as he breathed, his bloodline fluctuations was also affecting the metal that he was forging. This was a benefit of possessing immense spiritual power, and the benefits of having enormous spiritual power could manifest themselves in almost all aspects of a Soul Master's abilities. Possessing tremendous spiritual power enhanced one greatly both in battle and in their secondary occupations. As such, almost all Soul Masters who excelled in their secondary occupations also possessed high levels of spiritual power.

Even so, there were very few Saint Blacksmiths who had reached the Spirit Domain realm.

For example, Tang Wulin's teacher, Saint Blacksmith Mu Chen, was only at the Spirit Abyss realm, and that was already enough for a blacksmith.

Tang Wulin was using his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power to sense the intricacies of his forging, and he was completely immersed in sensing the metal that was being forged. He had become one with the metal that he was forging, and after reaching the soul refinement level, every soul refinement that was completed involved bestowing upon a piece of metal life and intelligence. This was why high-end blacksmiths were far rarer than mecha makers, designers, and mechanics.

A metallic life form with life and intelligence could be used to construct battle armor or mechas, but that was purely a molding process, while the forging process was one of creation.

Tang Wulin had been a Saint Blacksmith for quite a while now, and he possessed exceptional aptitude when it came to forging. However, even so, he had only just attained the ability to create life.

The higher level of understanding of life force energy he had attained back on the demonic island and all of the soul refinements he'd completed had all been invaluable experiences, allowing him to advance further and further in the field of Saint Blacksmiths.

However, only in this moment was he truly beginning to take a step toward becoming an eighth-rank Saint Blacksmith. His Spirit Domain realm spiritual power allowed him to communicate perfectly with each and every metal element, thereby allowing him to experience the differences between metal elements and other natural elements in greater depth. At the same time, these experiences were allowing him to constantly improve, and at this moment, he was like a parent to the metal that he was refining. He was constantly modifying this fetus through his forging, bestowing upon it his DNA.

The forging process was quite lengthy and sustained, but as far Tang Wulin was

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