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The abyssal Holy Lord was the ruler of the entire abyssal plane, yet it was being completely dominated!

"Th, this is impossible! This is godly power! How could you possibly possess this power?"

The Holy Lord's voice was filled with shock and rage. Aside from godly power, what else could dominate his power as the ruler of an entire plane?

"Hmph!" the woman harrumphed coldly, and the rainbow dragon spear suddenly faltered momentarily in mid-air.

"Dragon God Transformation! Second transformation, Dragon God Possession!"

An unprecedented powerful aura abruptly erupted from her body, and this was an extremely primordial and ancient aura. In that instant, almost all of the powerful beings on the entire Douluo Star who were at or above the Titled Douluo level looked up into the sky in unison.

The powerful beings on all three continents had sensed what was unfolding here.

On a set of plains, an untamed figure was charging forward at a rapid speed when he suddenly seemed to have sensed something and abruptly came to a halt. An extremely stunned expression appeared on his rugged features, and he abruptly fell to one knee. His aura had been extremely violent and powerful just a moment ago, yet all of a sudden, he was acting like a timid little bunny.

In a faraway forest, several figures appeared high up in the air almost at the exact same time, and all of them wore incredulous looks on their faces.

A trail of golden hair suddenly rose up naturally on the head of a black-haired middle-aged man, and he had an extremely excited look in his eyes. "She's done it! Our Lord has succeeded! Has, has she really awakened? This is..."

At the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.

The chairman of the Spirit Pagoda rushed over to the window like lightning before casting his gaze into the distance. As a Limit Douluo, he could sense what was happening with an extremely high level of clarity.

How could this be? Power of this level shouldn't be able to appear in this world! Unless... Could it be that someone had ascended to become a god? But hadn't the divine realm disappeared a long time ago? Could it be that the divine realm had returned?


A pillar of rainbow light instantly rose up into the heavens from within the abyssal passageway, and the entire Blood God Array was radiating scorching radiance. The nine Blood Gods were all affected by this, and their bodies were sent flying backward in unison. However, as they were basked in the rainbow light, they could sense that their bodies were being cleansed by natural energies.

Even all of the Blood God Legion soldiers present were benefitting from the rich natural energies within the abyssal passageway, and everyone could clearly sense their powers being enhanced by this mass cleansing.

Such a vastly fortunate event was completely unheard of, yet it was unfolding right before their eyes!

This battle had truly been an emotional rollercoaster; whenever they were ab

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