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Ji Qi continued, "The federal parliament has always been split up into two major factions; the Eagle Faction, and the Dove Faction. There is also a neutral faction, but that faction has less than 30 members, so it doesn't have much speaking rights when decisions are being made in the parliament. In particular, following Shrek Academy's forced withdrawal from the neutral faction, there is no one to lead the faction, and it's become an even less influential force. Those of the Eagle Faction are very aggressive and overbearing with their proposed political policies, and are in favor of waging war against neighboring continents.

"Those of the Dove Faction are in direct contrast with them as they champion a more gentle and conservative approach, and are firmly against instigating wars with other continents. In fact, they're even against further research and development into military weaponry to a certain extent. The Dove Faction has always held the opinion that excessive research and development in soul weapons will quickly deplete the continent's resources, which would be detrimental to the overall development of the human race.

"However, the Dove Faction supports research and development into space exploration in order to search for other planets that are suitable for human habitation. The Eagle Faction is also in support of this, but they think that the federation should accrue more military power so that when alternate inhabitable planets are discovered, they can be made into colonies. Their thought process is that no one knows if other life forms exist in outer space and whether they're powerful or not, so who knows if we'll encounter resistance in our attempt to settle onto new planets? In any case, both sides have valid arguments, as well as their own groups of loyal supporters."

A contemplative look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Let me guess, the Spirit Pagoda supports the Eagle Faction, while our Shrek Academy and Tang Sect support the Dove Faction, right?"

Ji Qi nodded in response. "Indeed. In the past, our Tang Sect and Shrek Academy have always supported the Dove Faction. Even though the academy withdrew from the federal parliament later on, it has connections all over the entire continent, not just in the Dove Faction, but some of the core members of the Eagle Faction had also come from our academy. This is why our academy has always remained a neutral entity. Conversely, the most direct supporters of the Eagle Faction are the Spirit Pagoda and the Battle God Hall; it can be said that they are the main pillars of the Eagle Faction.

"The general public was normally more inclined toward supporting the Dove Faction as they didn't want to see wars and excessive resource depletion, so the Dove Faction held the upper hand in the federal parliament the vast majority of the time. However, the Shrek City bombing changed all that, and the Dove Faction is now struggling to keep the Eagle Faction in check. Not only did the ter

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