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In that instant, he was suddenly struck by the feeling that he really couldn't compare with these seniors of the Blood God Battalion.

Back when he had taken Blood Nine's position, he had been a little pleased with himself. However, that feeling had now completely disappeared and was replaced by an indescribable sense of admiration.

After leaving the Blood God Array, Tang Wulin immediately sensed his own aura plummeting at a rapid rate, and his soul power dropped a few major ranks in the blink of an eye.

Without the guidance of the Blood God Array, he was unable to draw upon planar power. Not long after those alarmed cries had rung out from the Blood God Legion soldiers, they were replaced by raucous cheers of elation.

Blood Nine was alive! Their hero was still alive! On top of that, the one who had revived him was the heroic figure who had rescued the entire legion!

In that instant, Tang Wulin's image had become even more scintillating in everyone's eyes than those of the legion commander and the Blood Gods. They had just witnessed Tang Wulin destroy an abyssal emperor with a single spear strike!

The abyssal plane tremored violently, and another level completely collapsed in the absence of its planar seed.

The Black Sovereign could see that Tang Wulin had left the Blood God Array, but she still didn't dare to try and attack him. In that instant just now, she truly felt as if she had brushed shoulders with death.

She knew that Tang Wulin had only managed to unleash such an attack by drawing upon the power of the entire plane, but as long as that array existed, she couldn't do anything to him.

She was afraid that Tang Wulin was simply baiting her into attacking before unleashing another attack like the one he had just unleashed. There was no way that she could defend herself against such a devastating attack, and if she were to be slain by this opponent, she would truly be dead. As such, she didn't dare to take the risk.

In that instant, thoughts of retreat crept into her mind, and she was even beginning to question whether it was a correct decision to attack the human world in the first place.

Right at this moment, the abyssal cracks behind her suddenly began to tremor violently. Blood One's expression immediately changed as he hurriedly activated the Blood God Array's power to the very max in order to bolster the seal.

However, in that instant, he was stunned to discover that the seal was unable to repress the abyssal plane. An unprecedented pressure was slowly seeping out of the cracks before surging into the abyssal passageway in a frenzy.

After being influenced by this aura, faint layers of energy appeared over the bodies of the Black Sovereign and the other five abyssal emperors, and their auras swelled at a drastic rate. Even the planar pressure from the Blood God Array seemed to be no longer able to affect them.

"Useless trash!"

A thunderous voice reverberated throughout the enti

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