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A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I also haven't seen Teacher for quite a while. My apologies, President Yao, but I have some things that I must take care of, so I won't be able to stay for too long. I'll be sure to converse with you and exchange ideas the next time I come here."

A disappointed look appeared on Yao Ling's face. "That truly is a pity; I really wanted to exchange some ideas with you. I just examined your soul refined metals and was greatly inspired. At the same time, I could tell that your skills exceed mine in some areas. Also, I wanted to discuss something with you; would you be able to give your soul refined metals to me? The association will still pay you the same reparations for the missions, and I'll forge some soul refined metals myself for the buyers."

A hint of surprise appeared on Tang Wulin's face upon hearing this. It was quite clear that Yao Ling wanted to keep his soul refined metals for further research. This wasn't a big issue, and it certainly wasn't a bad thing that Yao Ling held him in such high regard.

"No problem. I hope my metals can be of help to you."

Yao Ling nodded with a pleased expression before hurriedly departing after exchanging contact details with Tang Wulin.

Even though Yao Ling and Mu Chen were both Saint Blacksmiths, the former was the president of the Bright City blacksmith association branch, so in reality, it could be said that his status in the association was second only to that of Zhen Hua.

For someone of his lofty status to take the initiative to seek out Tang Wulin was a testament to just how much Tang Wulin's soul refined metals had inspired him.

The arrival of any Saint Blacksmith to the association branch was a major event, and after the employee verified Tang Wulin's abilities as a Saint Blacksmith, she immediately took his soul refined metals to Yao Ling for inspection. Yao Ling wasn't all that surprised to hear that a Saint Blacksmith had come to visit their branch. After all, Bright City was now the number one city on the entire continent, so while Saint Blacksmith visits were still rare, they were certainly far from unheard of. However, he was given a massive shock upon seeing Tang Wulin's soul refined metals.

As a veteran Saint Blacksmith, he was far more sensitive to metals than normal people, and the first feeling that he was struck by was that these were extraordinary creations. Setting aside everything else, just the conception imbued within these pieces of metal far exceeded that of the soul refined metals forged by the vast majority of Saint Blacksmiths.

In his eyes, the forging techniques used were still a little rough around the edges, but this blacksmith clearly excelled in his understanding of metals, as well as in the process of bestowing upon metals life and intelligence. The vitality imbued within these pieces of metal clearly far exceeded that of the vast majority of Saint Blacksmiths, and even he couldn't do much bett

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