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Even if he were in trouble, he'd just have to get himself out of trouble! This was what he was telling himself.

He would figure everything out sooner or later, and he was no longer the same powerless boy that he once was.

He reflexively clenched his fists. Not only did he have to search for Gu Yuena, it was also time for him to search for his parents. Hadn't his father told him to come and find them when he became powerful enough? Not only did he currently possess a certain level of status in the military, he also possessed enough power to protect them now.

He sat down with his legs crossed before focusing his attention and inspecting his own internal condition.

He quickly entered a meditative state, and his aura also became calmer and more stable. As soon as he inspected his own internal condition, he was stunned by what he saw.

His bodily condition was far better than he had imagined.

The first things that he saw were his dragon core and soul core. The two major energy cores had clearly expanded in size, and what was even more remarkable were the fundamental changes that they had undergone. The surface of his dragon core looked as if it had undergone a bronzing process, thereby making it look more substantial, while his soul core had become more glittering and translucent. The two of them were beating an alternating rhythm to adjust the interaction of the energies within his body.

As he sensed the changes that the major energy cores had undergone, Tang Wulin's heart suddenly jolted as he recalled an important issue. Back when he was facing the abyssal Holy Lord, he had been prepared to sacrifice himself and had broken his 11th Golden Dragon King seal, trying to use its power to forcibly enhance his own offensive prowess.

At the time, he hadn't felt any discomfort, but this power was definitely going to affect him in an extremely prominent way. After all, every Golden Dragon King seal he'd broken in the past had enhanced his powers significantly. After the ninth seal, each successive seal that was broken would also become more and more dangerous. If he hadn't been facing the abyssal Holy Lord with a self-sacrificial resolve, he definitely wouldn't have broken the seal so soon.

At present, it appeared that his body hadn't suffered any negative side-effects, and in reality, even Tang Wulin himself didn't know how he had endured everything at the time. There were many possible factors that could've led to this. For example, it could be due to the enormous influx of life force energy from the seed of life, it could be the enhancements his body had received from absorbing so much abyssal energy, and it could also be the assistance he had received from the six plant system Great Beasts.

The likeliest scenario was that his condition had been stabilized after he had completed that Dragon God Transformation with Gu Yuena.

However, at the very least, it appeared that his powers had received a drastic overall i

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