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This was why she had gradually developed an alcohol problem, but she didn't think that she would bump into him again under these circumstances.

He was in Bright City!

Bright City was very large, but it was certainly a smaller area to scour through than the entire Douluo Continent. Furthermore, the status of the Shen Family in Bright City would allow her to draw upon a lot of power to try and find him. She had to find him no matter what!

The thought of finding the man who had plagued her dreams every night struck her with a sense of excitement, which had been absent from her life for a very long time. She had to find him and make him beg for mercy on his knees, then... then...

She hadn't thought about what she was going to do after that yet, but all she wanted to do right now was to capture that abhorrent bastard!

After organizing her damp long hair, an unprecedentedly determined look appeared in Shen Xing's eyes.

To Tang Wulin, meeting Shen Xing was nothing more than a minor interlude. After that chance encounter, he returned to his hotel room and immediately began to meditate. Cultivation had become the most enjoyable daily activity for him, partially because he was currently able to make progress at a phenomenal rate. Even more importantly, only during his cultivation could he completely relax his mind and better sense everything in the outside world.

The forging he had completed earlier had given him many new feelings, and he now had a better understanding of his own Spirit Domain realm spiritual power.

The Spirit Domain realm was the absolute upper limit for Soul Masters, and no one was even sure what the spiritual power upper threshold of the Spirit Domain realm was. The only thing that everyone knew was that it was virtually impossible to advance beyond the Spirit Domain realm, even for Limit Douluos, and it was most likely the case that only true gods would be able to reach the Divine Origin realm.

A peaceful night passed by, and Tang Wulin gave his debit card to Long Yuxue the next morning so she could purchase some daily necessities for everyone. Having a vice-captain like her truly alleviated much of the load on his shoulders.

As for what he was going to do next, Tang Wulin already had a plan. After getting into contact with Mo Lan in Bright City, he was going to leave with everyone as soon as possible and return to the original site of Shrek City. It was undoubtedly the case that the areas near Shrek City, including Heaven Dou City, would've been impacted by Shrek Academy the most in the past, so he should be able to find more Shrek Academy supporters there.

After having some breakfast, Tang Wulin arrived near the cafe that Mo Lan had agreed to meet him at quite early. He didn't immediately enter the cafe upon his arrival. Instead, he walked a lap around the cafe first. He didn't disguise himself today, but he had worn a large wide-brim hat that concealed his facial features.

After cond

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