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Benevolence Hall; it was a name that was ordinary as ordinary could be. The red cross symbol on the sign indicated that this was a medicine shop, and this was a medium-sized shop that wasn't too small, nor particularly large.

Everything about the shop was completely mundane and unremarkable. Tang Wulin entered through the door, and there weren't many customers inside. There were also only three or four staff members, and the rows of shelves were filled with all types of common medicines.

Tang Wulin walked through the aisles between the shelves and quickly chose a few types of medicine before making his way over to the counter.

The employee standing behind the counter glanced at the medicinal ingredients that had been placed before him, and his expression immediately changed slightly. He looked up at Tang Wulin in a slightly surprised manner, and said, "Sir, the medicines you're purchasing aren't concurrent with any condition! Are you sure this is what you want?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "I'm not buying these medicines to treat any conditions; I'm just purchasing them for consumption."

The employee hurriedly said, "All medicines are poison to a certain extent; how can you treat them as food?"

Tang Wulin replied, "It's alright, I have a good appetite."

The employee nodded, and said, "Alright, please come with me; our on-site doctor will be able to provide you with better advice."

The conversation between the two of them seemed to be rather farcical, but it was actually a string of secret signals. The sequence had commenced as soon as Tang Wulin had carried those specific medicines to the counter.

Tang Wulin followed the employee through a door, and the employee remained completely silent as he led Tang Wulin to the second floor. There was an elevator on the second floor, and the elevator only had two buttons, one for the second floor, and one for the third floor. However, the employee ignored the buttons and began to tap against the metal wall on one side of the elevator. After several dozens of rhythmic taps, an option for the negative second floor appeared on the electronic screen.

The elevator descended before the door opened, and the employee made an inviting hand gesture toward Tang Wulin before walking out of the elevator first.

Even though they were currently situated two floors underground, the lighting here was still very bright, and after passing through a passageway, they arrived at a spacious underground room.

There were many people busy at work in this room, and they seemed to be putting some things together. With Tang Wulin's eyesight, he was immediately able to tell that the things they were putting together were all related to mecha parts. Furthermore, they were all parts for high-grade mechas, as well as some core equipment.

He didn't ask any questions and continued to maintain his silence. He was led to another room by the employee, and there was a middle-aged man sitting i

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