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He hurriedly said, "Legion Commander, please let me explain. I also recognize this Sima Jinchi. I fought him once during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition. and he's one of the most powerful Soul Masters among the younger generation of the military. He's an official of the Southern Legion, so he's most likely not an Evil Soul Master, and his martial soul seems to have great synergy with mine. As such, I implore you to have mercy and at least do some proper research before making a decision?"

Zhang Huanyun's eyes immediately widened. "Do proper research? I can't even juggle all of the internal affairs in the legion at the moment! You should be well aware of just how dangerous the situation on that day was. If it weren't for those Evil Soul Master spies who infiltrated our legion, we wouldn't have suffered such heavy losses! I would rather kill innocents than risk having more spies infiltrate our ranks; I don't have any time to do research on just any piece of trash!"

Tang Wulin was at a loss for a response to this. In his mind, the Blood God Legion had suffered the severest losses prior to the activation of the Blood God Array, when the abyssal tide had first struck and caught everyone completely off guard. As for after that, the only person who almost died was Blood Nine, and he was saved in the end, so they hadn't really suffered any severe losses from the infiltration of the Evil Soul Masters.

However, he couldn't just pull the rug out from under Zhang Huanyun's feet by pointing that out, so he could only urge, "Legion Commander, I can vouch for his innocence, so please spare him. I'm willing to offer the contributions I've made to our legion in exchange for a fair hearing for him."

Zhang Huanyun appraised him with a cold expression as he harrumphed, "Alright, seeing as you're willing to use your contributions to save him, then you'll be missing out on an opportunity to become a lieutenant general. These two can have their lives spared, but they must be punished for trespassing on our Blood God Legion base. Throw them back into the detention chamber, and I'll pass judgment down on them when I'm ready."

A'Ruheng's mouth immediately gaped open with shock. He had thought that this would be the end of this story, but it appeared that he was going to receive further punishment!

Tang Wulin gave him a reassuring look, and as Sima Jinchi was making his way past Tang Wulin, he whispered, "Thank you."

Even though these were only two simple words, they were filled with strong emotions! If it weren't for Tang Wulin, he would already be dead, so Tang Wulin had saved his life.

Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh before giving him a gentle nod.

After A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were taken away, the killing intent radiating from Zhang Huanyun's body naturally disappeared as well, and he waved a hand to dismiss Tang Wulin as he said, "Go back and cultivate; I'll release them when you decide to leave. These two ruffian

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