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A surprised expression appeared on Tang Wulin's face.

"You're referring to her? She's a bright new political star for the Dove Faction. Come to think of it, she has quite a tragic backstory; she was once a train conductor, and in order to protect the masses during a terrorist attack from the Holy Spirit Cult, she was severely injured and became a hero. Her father was a high-ranking official in Heaven Dou City and also a parliamentary member, but he unfortunately perished during the Heaven Dou City bombing. At the time, she had already entered the Heaven Dou City political system upon request from her father, and Heaven Dou City was in a state of complete turmoil.

"She was the one who stepped up during those tumultuous times, urging and guiding officials to address the emergency situation. Not only did her father perish during the bomb, her husband and child also passed away. Despite this, she was able to contain her grief and placed the people ahead of herself, thereby controlling the situation in Heaven Dou City; she really is a very remarkable woman!"

A crushing sense of grief also welled up in Tang Wulin's heart upon hearing this. Mo Wu had perished, and even Mo Lan's husband and child had also...

Just how much pain did she have to go through!

Tang Wulin's hands reflexively balled up into tight fists. All of these accursed evil Soul Masters deserved the most painful of deaths!

Tang Wulin had never been so enraged in his life. He forcibly repressed his emotions, and asked, "What happened after that?"

Ji Qi replied, "After that, this Mo Lan became an extremely revered figure in Heaven Dou City, especially among the general public. During the parliamentary reform, she became the representative for Heaven Dou City, and also one of the youngest Dove Faction parliamentary members. At the same time, she became the deputy mayor of Heaven Dou City. The current mayor of Heaven Dou City is also a vice-president, so Ms. Mo Lan is actually taking care of most of the matters in the city. It's said that she's currently in a very strange state; aside from sleeping, all of her time is dedicated to her work, and it seems that she's trying to numb her pain and grief through overworking."

The more Tang Wulin heard, the more forlorn and enraged he became.

"Where is she right now? Is she in Heaven Dou City or Bright City?" Tang Wulin asked.

Ji Qi replied, "The federal parliament is holding its third plenary meeting soon, so she should currently be in Bright City. The main topic of discussion during this meeting will be about waging war against the Star Luo Empire."

Tang Wulin raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. "Can you find out where she's staying?"

Ji Qi replied, "I should be able to. However, due to how rampant the Holy Spirit Cult has been recently, all of the parliamentary members are receiving very high levels of protection, so even if we find out where she's staying, you may not be able to meet her anyway

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