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Blood Nine instantly realized that the enemy he was facing had most likely already reached rank 97 or above in her soul power.

Rank 95 was the minimum threshold for a Hyper Douluo, and there was a saying that each rank above that was like a heavenly rung climb up. With every successive rank that was attained past rank 95, one's powers would be increased drastically. Furthermore, this Evil Soul Master's martial soul was also of the highest caliber.

His father's soul power was rank 97, yet even he may not be able to defeat this opponent.

All of these thoughts flashed through Blood Nine's mind in an instant, and he opened his mouth to expel a mouthful of blood. The blood burst into flames in mid-air, transforming into a ball of reddish-golden flames that landed on his spear. All of a sudden, a burst of indescribable radiance erupted from the spear. Even the Evil Soul Master that he was facing had become rather hesitant about how to proceed.

"Boom boom boom!" Powerful attacks were raining down upon her Infernal Gates from the outside, and despite her immense powers, the gates wouldn't be able to withstand the attacks for long.

Black light flashed from her Dark Demonic Sword, and the horns on her head instantly turned into a dark purple color. Immediately thereafter, the surrounding space began to warp violently, and Blood Nine's suit of three-word battle shattered amid a resounding boom before transforming into a storm of metal shrapnel that swept toward the Evil Soul Master. At the same time, blood mist was pouring out of almost all of the pores on his entire body, and this blood mist was infused into his flame of life, causing it to burn even brighter.

A hint of surprise flashed through the Evil Soul Master's purple eyes. She had thought that this would be an easy opponent for her to take down, but he was unexpectedly tenacious.

She had no choice but to protect herself by withdrawing her Dark Demonic Sword, and it transformed into a dark purple light barrier that kept Blood Nine's attack at bay.

Right at this moment, three of her eight Infernal Gates shattered almost in complete unison, and several formidable auras instantly surged toward her.

"As expected of a Blood God." There was no emotion in her words, but her voice was tinged with a peculiar seductive quality.

Her dark purple figure rose up into the air, and a purplish-black rift abruptly appeared up above. As she rose upward, she slashed her Dark Demonic Sword through the air, and her ninth soul ring abruptly lit up. The sky dimmed, and the other eight Evil Soul Masters all transformed into streaks of purple light that vanished into the rift in a flash. As for herself, she took one final meaningful glance at Blood Nine before also disappearing into the rift.

Blood Nine's attention had been focused on her the entire time, and in the instant that their eyes met right before her departure, he was suddenly struck by a strange feeling. Those eyes were

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