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This was going to be the final battle!

The entire federation was eagerly awaiting the commencement of this final match on the nearest screens.

To the general public, mecha battles were even more appealing than Soul Master battles as even normal people could pilot mechas. As long as one's physical constitution and spiritual power could satisfy a certain set of criteria, they could enroll for mecha academies.

The final mecha battle was finally about to commence, and everyone wanted to see just what the most powerful mecha pilots were capable of.

Ever since he had progressed to the final 16, no one saw Spear King as a genuine contender for the championship title. However, he had managed to progress through one round after another against all odds, and now, he was in the grand final.

His opponent had the highest odds among all of the mecha pilots in the entire competition, and he had won almost all of his matches in an extremely crushing manner.

It could even be said that this man was a legend in the mecha world, and he was vastly renowned throughout the world of mecha pilots. Even the Star Battle Net was unable to hide his identity as he was simply far too well-known, and with his current powers, he could even put up a good fight against a divine-grade mecha pilot.

He was a man who was almost certain to become a divine-grade mecha pilot in the future.

Back when he was only 30 years of age, he was already a ninth-rank mecha maker, which made him the youngest ninth-rank mecha maker in the history of the entire federation. Furthermore, he had already successfully constructed a divine-grade mecha for someone else, and he was renowned for possessing the "Hands of God".

He also possessed superb aptitude when it came to mecha piloting. No matter what kind of mecha he used, he was always able to bring out far more of its power than anyone else could.

At the same time, he had an extremely outlandish and memorable name, and during his youth, it was a name that had earned him much ridicule.

However, this name was already renowned across the entire continent at this point.

His name was Wang Kulou [Literally translates to King Skeleton], and he was referred to as Skeleton God. His martial soul was his own skeleton, and he had the highest odds among all mecha pilots in the entire competition.

Compared to him, Spear King's path to the grand final had been a lot more arduous, and there were many matches where he had only narrowly escaped defeat.

However, that wasn't to say that Spear King wasn't a legend in himself. There were rumors circulating that Spear King and the champion of the Soul Master battle discipline, Golden Dragon King, were one and the same!

During the final match between Golden Dragon King and Strength King, Golden Dragon King had summoned a massive Tyrant Dragon soul spirit that was identical to the one Spear King had summoned in the past, so were they the same person?

If so, then G

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