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Skeleton God used his shield to defend his mecha, and a layer of black light appeared over the surface of the shield as it opposed Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Whips its Tail. At the same time, he slashed his saber through the air, sending a saber projection hurtling directly toward the knee joint of Tang Wulin's mecha.

While executing his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail, Tang Wulin thrust the spear in his mecha's right hand forward. Spear projections immediately erupted forth as he unleashed his Fury of the Masses once again, but on this occasion, the spear projections encompassed both the black skeleton and Skeleton God.

The black skeleton strode forward and gripped onto its saber with both hands before bringing it downward with devastating might, as if it were threatening to part heaven and earth. A saber projection crashed down from above, disrupting the Fury of the Masses from the side. Meanwhile, Skeleton God's shield had completely turned black as it met the Fury of the Masses head-on.

Tang Wulin swept his Golden Dragon Spear upward to shatter the saber projection, but at the same time, his mecha began to tumble toward the ground as if it had lost its balance.

Right at this moment, he abruptly activated his mecha's propeller, sending it hurtling straight up into the air. Even though his Fury of the Masses had been blocked by his opponent, he had still managed to propel his own mecha upward.

Skeleton God's body swayed, and it also rose up into the air in hot pursuit behind Tang Wulin. Meanwhile, his black skeleton swept toward Tang Wulin's mecha from the side like a violent tornado. His reactions, speed, and control were all exemplary. However, right at this moment, something completely unexpected to him suddenly happened.

Light flashed, and Tang Wulin's mecha suddenly descended downward in a diagonal direction when it was flying upward just a moment ago, thereby completely breaking the laws of physics.

The spectators could clearly see that a golden figure had appeared on the ground in the distance with a Bluesilver Emperor vine wrapped around its body, and the golden figure was tugging vigorously on the vine to change the direction that the mecha was traveling in.

Tang Wulin also had soul spirits of his own!

Tang Wulin's mecha was being pulled downward by Goldsong, and at the same time, a massive black figure appeared in mid-air in the place of Tang Wulin's mecha. The gargantuan black figure then descended from the sky, crashing down directly toward Skeleton God and the black skeleton.

The massive creature had a layer of thick and heavy dark golden scales all over its body, and it was none other than Tang Wulin's Tyrant Dragon soul spirit.

The Tyrant Dragon plummeted down from above, and just its enormous body weight in free fall was an extremely damaging force.

Skeleton God and the black skeleton's attacks struck its body, sending countless sparks flying in all directions, but the attacks were

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