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A'Ruheng was feeling very elated, as was Tang Wulin. Ever since he'd absorbed the energy from his 10th Golden Dragon King seal, he had yet to encounter an opponent who could match him in strength. On this occasion, A'Ruheng's strength completely dominated his, and only against an opponent like this could he completely unleash his full power! As such, even though he had already been forced onto the back foot after just the first two clashes, he felt as if the Golden Dragon King bloodline had been completely ignited within his own body.

He let loose a loud roar as he flapped his golden dragon wings vigorously, propelling him up into the air. At the same time, he unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight, transforming into a giant dragon that ascended toward the heavens. Powerful Golden Dragon King blood essence fluctuations erupted from his dragon core in a frenzy, and the giant golden dragon projection instantly swelled to several dozens of meters in size.

In the eyes of the ordinary spectators, it looked as if he had just released his martial soul true body.

The first, second, and third of A'Ruheng eight soul rings lit up at once, and his body swelled in size once again while the golden patterns on his skin seemed to have sprung to life. A massive projection appeared behind him, and it was identical to his appearance, except it was over 100 meters tall, and an indescribable sense of mountainous pressure began to weigh down the massive golden dragon. He abruptly raised his right hand, and a peculiar turn of events unfolded. His fist suddenly swelled to a diameter of around three meters in the blink of an eye, and it was swung toward the golden dragon's head like a massive war hammer.

This was the power of the Body Sect's secret technique!

After successfully cultivating the Body Sect's congenital secret method, every single part of his body had become almighty weapons; that was the most powerful ability of those from the Body Sect.


The golden dragon roared, and A'Ruheng's entire body shuddered violently. Tang Wulin was slammed back down onto the ground again, and when his feet came into contact with the surface of the competition platform, a massive crater was blasted into the ground.

"Nice!" Tang Wulin was also starting to feel the adrenalin rush. He flapped his golden dragon wings once again, and violent fluctuations erupted from his soul core and dragon core, producing a layer of bluish-golden light around his body.

It was very clear to him that if he were to only use his strength and Golden Dragon King bloodline, he would be no match for the power of A'Ruheng's Body Sect congenital secret method. If he didn't use his blood soul fusion skills, he would have no chance at all. Furthermore, he could tell that A'Ruheng was still holding back. Judging from the continuous barrage of attacks he had unleashed to completely dismantle Jade King, he could be doing the same thing to Tang Wulin, and the fact that

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