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As soon as it appeared, the size of the black vortex expanded by around twofold, and a series of four-clawed bats and six-clawed bats rushed out from within it.

The main passageway was the widest of all the abyssal passageways, and these abyssal creatures instantly surged out into this main passageway in a frenzy.

An illusionary figure appeared beside the gigantic Six-clawed Demon Emperor, and it whispered into the demon emperor's ear, "We've completed our mission, so the rest is up to you. Kill and destroy to your heart's content! Bring the abyssal aura to this world!"

"Howl howl howl..." The Six-clawed Demon Emperor threw its head back and roared to the heavens. A series of dark red halos proliferated from its body, encompassing all of the four-clawed and six-clawed bats, making their bodies expand dramatically in size while a bloodthirsty light appeared in their eyes.

They rushed forth in a frenzy, and at this point, all of the soul weapons that were situated at the exit of the abyssal passageway had already begun to fire automatically. A series of soul lasers and soul missiles formed a massive net that struck down one abyssal creature after another.

In the face of the ferocious barrage of soul laser attacks, countless abyssal creatures were destroyed, before their energy returned to the abyssal passageway. However, even more abyssal creatures were rushing out at an astonishing speed.

Only then did the Blood God Legion soldiers who were guarding the branch passageways react to the situation, but all of their heavy artillery was situated within the branch passageway, so there was no way for them to access it.

"Quick! We have to go and guard the exit of the passageway!" A series of commands were issued, and one flashing mecha after another rushed toward the exit of the abyssal passageway. They quickly retreated as the barrage of soul lasers kept the abyssal creatures at bay, then formed a defensive line at the exit.

This attack had come far too abruptly, to the extent that they had been given no time to prepare. Almost all of the soldiers of the Blood God Legion were celebrating Tang Wulin's dual championship crown just a second ago, yet now, they were suddenly being struck by a major crisis.

"Boom!" A mecha was latched onto from behind by a six-clawed bat. The bloodthirsty six-clawed bat tore at the mecha's barrier in a violent frenzy while a dozen or so four-clawed bats also quickly converged toward it.

"Long live the legion!" A cry that was filled with grief and indignation rang out from within the mecha, and in the next instant, the mecha self-detonated, exploding into a massive fireball that engulfed all of the abyssal creatures around it.

All of the soldiers of the Blood God Legion knew that if they were to fall into the hands of the abyssal creatures, their energy would become a part of these abhorrent creatures. As such, all of the mechas of the Blood God Legion were fitted with self-destruct

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