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However, right at this moment, a faint smile suddenly appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he sat within his mecha's pilot room. Even if anyone could see the smile that was currently on his face, they wouldn't be able to comprehend it.

"This next attack will spell the end for you!" The Tyrant Dragon had already reached Bubble King, yet he remained completely unflustered as the propeller on his mecha's back was activated, abruptly sending it flying upward. It completed an exquisite evasive maneuver up above, and the maneuver had been completed so quickly that the spectators almost lost sight of him for an instant.

Were these maneuvers really possible for a generic mecha to perform? It was undoubtedly the case that this had exceeded the limits of generic mecha. However, if one were to look closely, they'd discover that a rubbery substance of the same color as his bubbles had appeared over all of the joints of his mecha, and that substance had clearly fortified the generic mecha, allowing it to perform maneuvers that would've been far too strenuous to complete otherwise.

The bubble that Bubble King had released expanded even further. At this point, even if Tang Wulin could still somehow withstand his attack, he was still firmly on the back foot and could only passively defend himself.

However, just as the massive bubble was about to be released, Bubble King's mecha suddenly faltered in mid-air. The pause was extremely abrupt, to the extent that even the spectators were momentarily rooted to the spot.

Immediately thereafter, the bubble around him began to turn red.

What was happening? Why was he making the bubble turn red so quickly? Didn't this mean that it was going to explode? At this point, virtually all of the spectators had identified the abilities that the colors of the bubbles corresponded to, but they were completely perplexed about why Bubble King was choosing to detonate his own bubble prior to releasing it!

Before the spectators had a chance to react, a resounding boom had already rung out, and the huge bubble exploded!

What was going on? Had Bubble King just committed suicide?

All of the spectators were completely flabbergasted. Bubble King's mecha had released its protective barrier, but the barrier of a generic mecha was no match for such a devastating explosion, and the mecha was instantly reduced to a ball of fire.

Immediately thereafter, a gigantic tail that was shimmering with dark golden light swept through the air, instantly sending the fireball flying, and as it hurtled through the air a string of loud explosions erupted.

"The victory goes to Number 66!"

He won?

Who would've thought that the match would conclude under such farcical circumstances just as Bubble King had seized an absolute advantage?

It appeared as if Bubble King had committed suicide while his opponent was completely at his mercy...

Tang Wulin's mecha slowly stood up, and the gargantuan Tyrant Dragon stood

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