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At the end of the day, he and the Black Sovereign simply weren't beings of the same level. At this point in time, there was no way for him to evade, and the Black Sovereign's punch was definitely a Limit Douluo level attack, so there was no way that he could withstand it.

All of a sudden, the darkness behind Tang Wulin dissipated, and a mirror appeared high above his head. At the same time, a loud cry rang out around him.

"Myriad laws of heaven and earth, spirit of Douluo, circle of Blood Gods, seal!"

The voice belonged to Blood One, as soon as his incantations rang out, nine-colored light erupted from the exit of the passageway. A massive rune descended from up above, hurtling toward the passageway down below.

At the same time, a thin layer of nine-colored light appeared on all of the walls surrounding the passageway. The light swirled, and the black light emanating from the Black Sovereign's fist instantly subsided significantly.

This wasn't Blood One's power. Instead, this was planar power from the entire Douluo Continent.

To the Douluo Continent, abyssal creatures were invaders from an alternate plane, so the continent naturally rejected them. Otherwise, with the overall power of the 108 abyssal levels, they would've taken over Douluo Continent when they had first invaded over 6,000 years ago.

At the time, this seal had only been created after drawing upon the planar power of the Douluo Continent.

At this moment, Blood One was using the Blood God Array to draw upon planar power in order to oppose the Black Sovereign. At the same time, this power was also descending upon the abyssal passageway, debilitating all of the powerful abyssal creatures that had emerged in this world.

If it weren't for the existence of the Blood God Array, the human race wouldn't have been able to keep the abyssal plane at bay for over 6,000 years.

A streak of scintillating light flashed over Tang Wulin's head, and the light underwent three transformations as it hurtled through the air. It then combined with the spirits of heaven and earth of the Douluo Continent plane, instantly completing nine revolutions before finally striking the Black Sovereign's fist.

A powerful energy storm was instantly swept up within the passageway, and Tang Wulin abruptly vanished amid the bright white light.

This was the power of Zhang Huanyun's mirror domain. He was able to draw Tang Wulin back into his domain, then combine his own power with that of the Blood God Array to oppose the Black Sovereign.

However, right at this moment, the Black Sovereign displayed her power as an abyssal sovereign.

In the face of the fearsome energy storm, she remained hovering in mid-air in a completely stationary and statuesque manner. Regardless of how fierce the energy storm became, she didn't retreat so much as a single step, and her eyes were shimmering like a pair of black gemstones. She waved her hands gently before her in a rhythmic manner, an

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