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The forefathers of the Douluo Continent had made massive sacrifices in order to create this Blood God Array, and it had constantly been refined over the past 6,000 years. In its current form, the Blood God Formation was extremely effective when it came to drawing upon the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Furthermore, it was being reciprocated by the life force energy from the seed of life, and that allowed the array to be sustained by more than just the Blood God's powers.

The Black Sovereign's brows were tightly furrowed as she looked up at Tang Wulin, who was constantly unleashing spear strikes and devouring abyssal energy. They could afford to lose this amount of abyssal energy, but this was still chipping away at the essence of the abyssal plane. Furthermore, he had slain two abyssal emperors.

She was obviously able to sense that this human wasn't very powerful yet. At the very least, he wasn't powerful enough to pose a threat to them. However, the problem was that humans were able to grow and develop far faster than any abyssal creature. If that human were to reach the demigod level, it was quite possible that he could destroy the entire abyssal plane in the future with that weapon of his. At the very least, it would be very difficult for the abyssal plane to conquer this world so long as he continued to exist.

As those thoughts flashed through her mind, there was almost substantial killing intent radiating from her eyes. It was no wonder that the Holy Lord, who had been hibernating this entire time, waiting for the abyss to evolve into a divine realm, had awakened and was trying to break open this main passageway at all costs; a human being that posed a threat to them really had appeared. They had to kill him no matter what before he became too powerful.

With that in mind, the Black Sovereign's expression cooled even further. However, she didn't immediately join the battle. The four abyssal monarchs beside her were already raring to go, but she was still waiting calmly for an opportunity.

With the current situation of the Blood God Array, there wouldn't be much of a chance for them to be able to break through it. The debilitating effect of this alternate plane was simply too powerful, and even with her immense powers, she would only be able to assure her own safety. If more abyssal emperors were to fall, then the foundation of the abyssal plane would be shaken once again. An opportunity would definitely come, and when it arrived, they were going to destroy the human race in one fell swoop.

Black threads revolved around the Black Sovereign's hands before forming a massive net in mid-air. The net was constantly devouring and absorbing the abyssal energy in the air before injecting it into the cracks on the seal.

The cracks were constantly fluctuating in size; they would contract when being repressed by the power of the Blood God Array, but they would then expand in the face of the abyssal plane's unreserved

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