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However, as his fist struck Tang Wulin, he was able to completely pulverize Tang Wulin's shoulder and pauldron, but he was struck by a sense of emptiness from Tang Wulin, as if his entire body were hollow and nonexistent. Furthermore, a very large portion of the power behind his punch had vanished on the spot, as if it had been directly devoured by Tang Wulin. In that instant, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear also began to glow with scintillating light.

The reddish-golden color that was devouring A'Ruheng's blood essence suddenly became even more pronounced, and a string of powerful vibrational explosions abruptly erupted. Much to A'Ruheng's astonishment, he discovered that even with his insane strength, he was unable to maintain a secure grip over the tip of the spear.

As such, almost right after Tang Wulin's left shoulder was destroyed, the vibrational force emanating from his Golden Dragon Spear allowed it to strike A'Ruheng's chest, despite the fact that it was still locked in A'Ruheng's left hand.


The sharp tip of the spear pierced straight into A'Ruheng's body, and he let loose an explosive roar as the reddish-golden light on his body began to release incredibly scorching heat, which was erupting outward in an attempt to force the Golden Dragon Spear away.

However, the suction force erupting from the Golden Dragon Spear instantly increased drastically in potency, and it was constantly devouring his energy while reciprocating this energy into Tang Wulin's body. A golden figure also pounced toward him from behind, instantly winding itself around his body before opening its mouth and sinking its fangs into the back of his neck. It was Goldsong!

There was only a spear's length of distance between A'Ruheng and Tang Wulin, and no one had imagined that Tang Wulin would be able to turn the tables in the dire situation that he was in.

The Golden Dragon Spear really had pierced into A'Ruheng's body, and at the same time, he was unleashing his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion!

Tang Wulin was appraising A'Ruheng with an intense gaze while the latter drew back his right fist to try and unleash another punch. However, he was prevented from doing so by Goldsong. He flailed violently with all his might, and in the face of his terrifying power as the Child of the Sun, Goldsong's body was torn in half. However, it was also right at this moment that Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion reached the height of its power.


The tip of the Golden Dragon Spear pierced into A'Ruheng's chest before stabbing into his huge heart.

The Golden Dragon Spear instantly turned red, and A'Ruheng's formidable strength quickly began to seep away as if he were a punctured balloon.

"Roar!" A thunderous dragon's roar erupted out of Tang Wulin's mouth as a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines surged forth in a frenzy, winding themselves around A'Ruheng's body. Meanwhile, the vast blood essence power withi

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