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Following his battle against Sima Jinchi, this feeling hadn't been very pronounced, but he immediately sensed that something was amiss following his battle against Bubble King the day before.

His Golden Dragon Spear seemed to have undergone a subtle transformation. In the beginning, he couldn't quite put his finger on what kind of transformation this was; all he could feel was that the Golden Dragon Spear seemed to be different somehow. Following his forging session, he had entered a tranquil state, and thus, he was able to identify just how it had changed.

The Golden Dragon Spear had become sharper. Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber had clearly benefited immensely from the stimulus provided by his Golden Dragon Spear, but what about his Golden Dragon Spear? What had it gained from that battle?

Only after some careful inspection did he gradually realize that the Dragonslaying Saber had been like a whetstone for his Golden Dragon Spear. Following every single clash, his Golden Dragon Spear became sharper, and it was truly coming into its own.

He was able to penetrate Bubble King's most powerful defenses, and that wasn't just because he had used his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion; another contributing factor was that his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion had become sharper than before.

In its current state, the Golden Dragon Spear was so sharp that one couldn't help but tremble in the wake of its aura. Even his spear intent had combined to a greater extent with his Golden Dragon Spear, and the two were truly beginning to fuse as one.

As it turned out, the Dragonslaying Saber and Golden Dragon Spear were a pair of symbiotic weapons that greatly benefitted one another, and this win-win situation naturally made him develop a very good impression of Sima Jinchi. If he ever got the opportunity to do so, he really wanted to meet Sima Jinchi in real life.

His Golden Dragon Spear was a divine weapon, and anything that could improve a divine weapon was an extremely rare and brilliant opportunity. Unfortunately for him, Sima Jinchi was all the way over at the Southern Legion, so he didn't have time to go and seek him out.

Perhaps if he had enough time following the conclusion of the competition, he could apply for some leave with Blood One and take Gu Yue to visit the Southern Legion. He would also be able to see how Zhengyu and Xiaoyan were going as well.

Wait a minute! Tang Wulin's body suddenly shuddered.

The clash between his Golden Dragon Spear and Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber had taken place in the Star Battle Net. No one could take anything out of the Star Battle Net aside from battle experience, so how had his Golden Dragon Spear become sharper in real life? That didn't make sense!

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly. It was undoubtedly the case that facing the Dragonslaying Saber had allowed him to glean some of the secrets of his Golden Dragon Spear, and those secrets coul

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