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The unspeakably brutal punch sent Jade King flying through the air, and A'Ruheng's body swayed before he caught up to his opponent, as if he had used instantaneous teleportation. He then grabbed onto Jade King's shoulders and hurtled down from above while rotating rapidly like a spinning top. The two of them crashed heavily down onto the ground, and the golden patterns on his body spread to Jade King's body. A string of resounding booms rang out, causing the entire competition platform to tremor violently.

Tang Wulin looked on in a completely flabbergasted manner. He already had very high expectations for this senior disciple brother of his, but even he didn't think that A'Ruheng would be this powerful.

He had watched some of A'Ruheng's past match footage, and he had displayed a lot of power during those previous matches, but not power to this degree! It was undoubtedly the case that he had held back to hide his true power prior to this. Following the emergence of the powerful heartbeat, he was unveiling the true power of the Body Sect's congenital secret method!

Tang Wulin wore a completely stunned look on his face. It could be said that Jade King had suffered a very tragic loss. He had definitely reviewed A'Ruheng's past competition footage as well, but he had completely misjudged A'Ruheng's power. That string of transformations was most likely the second awakening of the secret method.

No, the second awakening should've already happened when his body had first expanded in size; that much was apparent to both Tang Wulin and Jade King, so what was that powerful heartbeat that appeared thereafter?

Could it be... a third awakening of his body martial soul? Was this an unprecedented third awakening? It had to be!

It could be said that among all of the spectators, Tang Wulin was definitely the one who understood the most about the secret techniques of the Body Sect, so he was able to more clearly sense the changes in A'Ruheng's Body Sect abilities. It was no wonder that Jade King had been defeated so quickly; there was no way that he could've anticipated that A'Ruheng still has such an ability.

Not only did A'Ruheng's third awakening render Jade King's attacks completely ineffective, it also allowed him to gain extremely fearsome offensive prowess and explosive power.

Even with this newfound knowledge of A'Ruheng's full power, would he be able to face him and come out on top?

Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and he found that he was unable to give an affirmative answer to his own question! As expected of the senior disciple brother whom Mu Ye had placed such high hopes on!

However, the more powerful A'Ruheng was, the more excited Tang Wulin became. Only by facing powerful opponents would he be able to better tap into his own latent potential and reap the most benefit from these matches.

At this point, the match on the screen was already over. Jade King possessed extremely powerful defensive prowess, but A'

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