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The two oncoming green snakes were instantly destroyed, and a burst of invisible sword intent also fell upon the Evil Soul Master's body.

The green-armored Evil Soul Master only just managed to position his scythes in front of his chest, only for the scythes to be destroyed in the next instant, and his battle armor also crumbled in large chunks. His entire body was sent flying backward, and a mouthful of blood was thrown up onto the headgear that he was wearing.

The Holy Spirit Cult had already held the Heartless Douluo, who was the master of the Tang Sect and the Douluo Palace, in extremely high regard. However, they also knew that it would take an enormous amount of power to maintain the Blood God Array and draw upon planar power. Even so, they had still underestimated him.

Even as he was maintaining the array, he still had enough power left over to severely wound his attacker, who was a Hyper Douluo clad in a suit of three-word battle armor master.

After reaching a certain level of power, the advantage held by Evil Soul Masters simply ceased to exist.

A hint of disappointment appeared on Blood One's face. He was attempting to kill his attacker with that sword strike, but it seemed that this Evil Soul Master was just powerful enough to survive that attack.

At this point, all of the other Blood Gods had also been attacked. Under normal circumstances, these surprise attacks would be lethal as it would be very difficult for them to deal with their enemies while maintaining the array. However, the situation was a bit more optimistic due to the replenishment they'd received from the reciprocation of the seed of life. As such, they had some power to resist their foes.

Blood Two and Blood Three both managed to keep their attackers at bay with relative ease, and immediately thereafter, these Evil Soul Masters were attacked by the powerful beings of the Blood God Legion.

However, the rest of the Blood Gods were having a hard time. Blood Eight was the luckiest among them as the Evil Soul Master who had tried to attack her was stopped in his tracks by Long Tianwu.

In contrast, Blood Nine was in the most peril as the Evil Soul Master who was attacking him was even more powerful than he was. In reality, the Holy Spirit Cult hadn't actually expected to take down Blood One during this operation. They were only hoping to distract the other Blood Gods and create chaos while their true target was the weakest link, Blood Nine.

The Holy Spirit Cult had been studying the Blood God Legion for more than just a day or two, and they had infiltrated this place specifically for this opportunity. They had even conducted some research into the Blood God Array.

Among all of the Blood Gods, Blood Nine was undoubtedly going to be the weakest one, but the Evil Soul Master who was attacking him was even more powerful than the one who had attacked Blood One, and she was unleashing a full-force attack to take down Blood nine in one fe

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