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The seed of life finally took root on the planar seed, and the entire branch immediately turned as green as jade. Powerful life force energy was immediately reciprocated into Tang Wulin's body from the seed of life, alleviating the severe throbbing pain in his meridians.

It was undoubtedly the case that this type of nourishment was going to be immensely beneficial to improving his physical constitution, and it could also resolve the issues brought to him by the extremely fast breakthroughs that he had just made. Simply put, this nourishment was allowing the small lake that was his body to expand while also fortifying his physical constitution.

It was not an exaggeration to say that in this brief period of time alone, Tang Wulin's physical constitution had improved by a greater degree than if he were to cultivate normally for an entire year.

This was definitely fantastic news for him, especially considering the Golden Dragon King seals that he would have to break in the future.

With his current physical constitution, it was extremely difficult just to make slight improvements, let alone a drastic improvement like this.

The opportunity that had been presented to him today was something that had been completely unimaginable to him in the past.

The Ant Emperor finally understood how the Six-clawed Demon Emperor had been destroyed. After its planar seed was latched onto by the seed of life, the former's struggles became feebler and feebler, and the essential power of the abyssal level that it belonged to was being devoured by the seed of life in a frenzy.

Tang Wulin could even sense that a series of intriguing changes had taken place within the seed of life. The branch extending from it had become even thicker, and what was even more remarkable was that the rich life force energy within the seed was beginning to compress inward to an extreme degree, as if this energy were being stored away.

Now that the seed of life had latched onto the planar seed, the vast majority of energy was flowing toward it, and Tang Wulin was able to take advantage of this opportunity to sense the nourishment of the life force energy while activating his Mysterious Heaven Method to adjust his own bodily condition.

He definitely wouldn't receive many opportunities in his life to make such drastic improvements! Furthermore, he could vaguely sense that his understanding of life and destruction had deepened slightly.

In the past, he had sensed both of these types of energy on the demonic island, and the life force energy currently being transmitted to him through the seed of life was far richer and purer than even the life force energy on the demonic island. After all, this was the power of an entire plane! He couldn't directly use this power, but don't forget that he was the Son of Nature. As the Son of Nature, the life force energy was definitely going to enhance his body as much as it could, and Tang Wulin was the one who had brought a

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