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"I have to disagree. My nephew-disciple's forte lays in his ability to create miracles," Zhen Hua countered with a smile.

Mu Ye turned around with a surprised look on his face. The film of tears over his eyes had already been evaporated by him using his soul power. "You think Wulin can win?"

Zhen Hua shrugged in response. "Why not? We've all watched Wulin's past matches; how much of his power do you think he's used in the previous rounds? What was that final clash with Saber Demon in the last match all about? Saber Demon withdrew under inexplicable circumstances, but do you think he threw the match for Wulin's sake? Compared to that Saber Demon, do you think A'Ruheng is more powerful?"

Mu Ye said in a proud manner, "That Saber Demon may have attained a saber soul already, but the congenital secret method of our Body Sect transforms one's body into their soul, so Ruheng is still more powerful than that Saber Demon.."

Zhen Hua continued, "Even so, he won't be more powerful by much, right?"

Mu Ye faltered slightly upon hearing this. Zhen Hua was right! A'Ruheng had the lowest odds among all four of the semifinalists, while Wild Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi had the second-highest odds. Of course, this was a result of A'Ruheng hiding his true power, but that Saber Demon was definitely no slouch. If Tang Wulin could even defeat Sima Jinchi, then...

A faint smile appeared on Zhen Hua's face. "Don't you think that Wulin has been constantly progressing at a rapid rate during the past half a year? He has made it to this grand final on the merit of his own power, and if you ask me, this is going to be a very fierce match, one that A'Ruheng may not emerge victorious from."

All of a sudden, Mu Ye burst into boisterous laughter. "So what? They're both my disciples! Both of them will continue to pass on the teachings of our Body Sect!"

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen both remained silent. Indeed, Mu Ye had all the reasons in the world to be excited. The two combatants who had made it to the grand final were both disciples of his!

Regardless of who secured the final victory in the end, this was still one of the happiest moments of Mu Ye's entire life. He was still of the opinion that A'Ruheng was slightly more powerful, but he also wanted to see if his other disciple could truly create another miracle as Zhen Hua suggested he would.

On the competition platform, the two combatants were appraising one another from afar with serious expressions. Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear was shimmering with faint light, and even though he couldn't see A'Ruheng's facial features, his hulking body still gave off a very intimidating aura.

"This is the grand final; five, four, three, two, one, begin!"

As the countdown commenced, a referee descended onto the competition platform. He glanced at two combatants before waving a hand through the air as a commencement signal.

Tang Wulin and A'Ruheng both sprang into action almost in complete u

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