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The abyssal emperor that was situated at the center appeared to be no different from a human woman. Her entire body was clad in a black leather suit, and she had a pair of black wings spread open on her back. Her long black hair fanned out behind her in a roughly circular formation, and her facial features were extremely beautiful, but her eyes were filled with a cold and forbidding look.

Those frosty eyes seemed to be able to see through this entire world, and she pointed her right index finger toward the exit, upon which countless abyssal creatures immediately surged forth.

"Black Sovereign!" Zhang Huanyun's expression immediately changed at the sight of this abyssal emperor.

The Blood God Legion had been battling the abyssal plane for over 6,000 years, so it naturally had a huge wealth of data on these abyssal creatures.

During each and every abyssal tide, the abyssal emperors were never able to descend upon this world in their actual forms, but their projections would appear on many occasions.

Through these projections, the humans had assigned many of the abyssal emperors with names. Among the 108 abyssal emperors, at least half of them were known to humans.

This Black Sovereign was the one who appeared the most frequently among the top 10 abyssal emperors. She resided on the ninth abyssal level and was the sovereign of that level. Only the rulers of the top 10 levels were known as sovereigns, and she possessed a very lofty status in the abyssal plane.

The Black Sovereign was the ruler of the Black Empress race, and she possessed the powers of a demigod, making her comparable in power to a human Limit Douluo in a suit of four-word battle armor.

She was so powerful that even her projection had created a lot of trouble for the human world in the past. The abyssal plane was trying to break open the passageway's seals at all costs, and they were sending out the Black Sovereign in her true form from the get-go; it was quite clear that the abyssal plane was extremely determined to wipe out the human race once and for all.

The Black Sovereign seemed to have understood Zhang Huanyun's words, and she raised her head to look up at him. Their eyes met, and Zhang Huanyun was immediately struck by the feeling that his eyes had been stabbed by sharp needles.

He had also reached the Limit Douluo level, but he had only completed the breakthrough recently, so his powers were still slightly inferior to the likes of Blood One and this Black Sovereign.

To think that the abyssal plane was even capable of sending the Black Sovereign's true body into this world; if other sovereign-level abyssal emperors were to emerge as well, then there really would be no hope.

Thankfully, following the arrival of this vast horde of abyssal creatures, the abyssal energy that was supporting the cracks on the seal clearly abated somewhat, and the cracks were sealed to a great extent under the effect of the Blood God Array. It was qui

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