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No abyssal creatures could pierce through the terrifying blood essence fluctuations being released by the golden dragon, and its aura was so devastatingly fearsome that even the five abyssal emperors' expression changed at the sight of it.

"Boom!" The giant golden dragon crashed headfirst into the Demonic Engulfment Mist being released by the Black Empresses, and golden and black light virtually instantly intertwined with one another in mid-air. A terrifying string of explosions rang out, and the entire abyssal passageway was tremoring violently.

The golden and black colors only grappled with one another for a very short time before the black mist abruptly exploded and dissipated, revealing the six Black Empresses, who were clearly a little dumbstruck. They were instantly devoured by the ferocious golden dragon, and they didn't even get a chance to utter a single sound before they were vaporized by the golden dragon, then became a part of it.

After devouring the six Black Empresses, the golden dragon abruptly elongated to around a kilometer in length, and there was a strand of golden light connecting it to the Golden Dragon Spear.

The golden dragon continued to charge into the depths of the abyss, and right at this moment, the Black Sovereign finally sprang into action.

Her body flickered momentarily, and in the next instant, she appeared right in front of the golden dragon.

Bright reddish-golden light erupted from the golden dragon's body, illuminating the Black Sovereign before it. The Black Sovereign wore a frosty look on her face, and her long black hair suddenly extended even further. It appeared as if a massive black hole had emerged behind her, and she was the core of this black hole. Part of the light within the entire abyssal passageway, including the light emanating from the giant golden dragon, was instantly devoured by this black hole.

The gigantic golden dragon shrank by about a third before crashing violently into the black hole.

The black hole was immeasurably deep and completely devoid of light, and the giant golden dragon vanished into it in an instant. However, in the next instant, a powerful tremor ran through the interior of the abyssal passageway, and a burst of reddish-golden mist surged out of the black hole, following which the entire abyssal passageway began to vibrate violently.

Vast hordes of abyssal creatures were destroyed in the face of these violent vibrations, and some of them disintegrated into abyssal energy that was drawn back into the abyssal plane, while the rest surged toward Tang Wulin before becoming a part of his body.

The reddish-golden color reappeared in Tang Wulin's eyes, and he pointed his Golden Dragon Spear forward. Waves of reddish-golden light were radiating from his body, and he was exuding an aura of invincibility.

The black hole contracted, and the Black Sovereign was revealed once again. She raised her head to look up at Tang Wulin, and she spoke i

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