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Its eight legs were constantly exerting force into the ground, and it had to expend a lot of effort before it could drag itself out of the vortex. It was as if there were some kind of enormous suction force pulling back on it from behind.

It raised its head to look up at the Six-clawed Demon Emperor, which was hovering in mid-air and concealing everything down below, and the enormous ant-like abyssal creature flashed suddenly adhering itself to the side of the abyssal passageway. The front end of its massive head suddenly took on a corkscrew shape before he rammed it into the wall on the side of the passageway. As it did so, its corkscrew head suddenly began to rotate at a rapid speech.

"Clang!" A loud noise rang out, and large ripples of light immediately appeared on the surface of the passageway. The ripples proliferated outward, and the seal on the underside of the passageway immediately lit up.

The giant ant was sent flying before shaking its own head, seemingly in a slightly dizzy and disoriented manner, and it mused to itself in a human language, "The seal that the humans set up is just as annoying as ever. Even if my true body were to descend upon this place, I wouldn't be able to break this seal. It looks like the only way out is through the exit of this passageway."

Among the 108 abyssal emperors, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor was ranked as 97th, while the Ant Emperor was ranked at 76th.

Instead of rushing forward to join in on the attack, the Ant Emperor merely rested on the wall of the passageway and waited.

As the first spearhead of the attack, their objective was to buy more time and get more of the normal abyssal creatures here to perish in battle. As a result, they would disintegrate into abyssal energy that would then contribute to expanding this black vortex, which was actually an alternate abyssal passageway created with the assistance of the humans on this side. As the passageway continued to expand, more and more abyssal emperors would be able to travel through it, and they were going to conquer the human world in one fell swoop.

At the moment, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor and the Ant Emperor were the only two abyssal emperors present, so they didn't constitute much of a threat. However, as the passageway continued to expand, more and more normal abyssal creatures were rushing out in a frenzy, and later on, other abyssal emperors would also be able to emerge through it.

The Blood God Legion was completely oblivious to all of this. They merely continued to defend in an organized and orderly fashion while countless abyssal creatures rushed to their deaths before disintegrating into streams of abyssal energy.

"Have the radars discovered anything?" Zhang Huanyun asked the investigation department. The Blood God Legion had the most advanced sensory and detection devices available in the entire federation.

"At the moment, we can only see that there are vast numbers of abyssal creatures that a

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