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Even though Tang Wulin had been going to great lengths to conceal his abilities, those who were familiar with him would still be able to identify him, and his teacher was definitely no exception to this.

Show me how powerful the congenital secret method of the Body Sect is, Senior Disciple Brother!

On the screen in front of Tang Wulin, his senior disciple brother had already sprung into action. His hulking crimson figure advanced forward with a vicious aura emanating from his body, and every single step that he took was like a giant hammer blow on the competition platform, resulting in a string of violent booms.

The name of Tang Wulin's senior disciple brother was A'Ruheng, and there was a ferocious light shimmering within his flashing golden eyes. His aura was so powerful that it conjured up a massive humanoid projection behind him that was several dozens of meters tall.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had seen anyone else aside from himself with such enormous blood essence power. As expected of the only man to have successfully cultivated the Body Sect's congenital secret method in the past several centuries! It could be said that A'Ruheng was a product of a century of accumulation from the Body Sect, and he was going to announce himself to the world during this competition.

In ancient times, the Body Sect was one of the most powerful sects on the entire continent, and it was even able to contend with the likes of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. However, due to the advancements of soul technology and the difficulty of cultivating the Body Sect's secret techniques, some of those techniques had been lost in the sands of time, and the Body Sect also gradually fell into obscurity.

Now, they had finally been blessed with A'Ruheng, who had successfully cultivated their congenital secret method, and the Body Sect was placing all of its eggs in one basket with him. The sect was going to give him its full support so he could gain enough influence on the continent and lead the Body Sect on a resurgence.

Soul Masters with body martial souls were very rare, and if the Body Sect couldn't recruit more disciples, the future would only become bleaker for them, and it wouldn't be impossible for the sect to disappear altogether someday.

At this moment, A'Ruheng's opponent was also undergoing a peculiar transformation. His eyes had turned green, and eight soul rings, two purple and six black, rose up from beneath his feet before revolving around his body. At the same time, a layer of green scales appeared all over his skin, and his body swelled to over three meters tall while a layer of green energy appeared around him.

A'Ruheng was the trump card of the Body Sect, and he had the nickname of Strength King in this competition. The opponent that he was facing had the nickname of Jade King, and his martial soul was the Crystalline Jade Qilin. Among all of the remaining participants, A'Ruheng didn't have the highest odds

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