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"Looks like we'll have to change our plan and perhaps even speed up its implementation. Have the humans already become this powerful? Through the abyssal passageway, they can actively access our world. If they already possess the power to destroy our planar seeds, then our entire plane will be in grave danger!"

"That's enough!" A voice that was cold to the extreme suddenly rang out, and the frenzied conversing voices instantly died down.

Deep within the darkness, a massive vertical pupil slowly lit up. This was a crimson eye, and if one were to look closely, they'd discover that this massive eye was comprised of countless tiny red eyes. If a person suffering from trypophobia were to witness this harrowing scene, they would most likely be instantly racked with violent, uncontrollable spasms.

As soon as this eye opened, the entire abyssal plane immediately fell silent. The collapsed 97th level had disappeared, and it was no longer able to affect its neighboring abyssal levels.

"Holy Lord." All of the emperors that were gathered at the deepest point within the abyss lowered their proud heads in unison and bowed respectfully toward this crimson eye.

"A being who is capable of destroying us has appeared in the human race; we must seize the initiative first before they can pose any threat to us. Tear open the passageway at all costs and completely destroy the human race. For those who are willing to sacrifice themselves to contribute to our plight, I guarantee that you won't encounter any obstruction in your future resurrections, and your planar level will be raised by three. In order to completely open up the passageway, 10 emperors will need to be sacrificed."

The cold voice reverberated throughout the deepest part of the abyss and was met by a fearful uneasy silence.

That's right, it wasn't the case that the abyssal plane couldn't break that seal; it was just that doing so required a massive sacrifice. If an abyssal emperor were to perish, then there was a very good chance that their position as emperor would be taken by one of their brethren; this was something that no abyssal emperor wanted to see.

The Holy Lord had already been hibernating for countless years, and as soon as it reappeared, all of the other abyssal emperors immediately pledged their subordination. Furthermore, they knew that with a guarantee from the Holy Lord, they would definitely be able to successfully resurrect themselves and reclaim their emperor status. This Holy Lord had never gone back on his word before.

"I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the abyss." A burly monster with five arms slowly strode forward before standing in front of the Holy Lord in a respectful manner.

Immediately thereafter, one abyssal emperor strode forward after another, volunteering themselves as tributes. They were definitely going to be dormant for a long time, but if they were guaranteed successful resurrection and their respective abyssal levels would be

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