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Even though there was no clear evidence, there was no doubt that the peace-loving Shrek Academy had always been an obstacle to the federation in its endeavor to instigate wars. As such, in a sense, the destruction of Shrek Academy was a good thing for those who belonged to the Eagle Faction. At the very least, there was less resistance against their cause.

Even though organizations like the Spirit Pagoda were also neutral, they weren't a peace-loving entity like Shrek Academy, and the Battle God Hall was under the direct control of the federation, so if war were to ever break out, they were going to be the federation's most powerful weapon.

Blood One turned to Tang Wulin. "What does this make you think of?"

"It makes me think of a war for resources!" Tang Wulin replied without any hesitation.

Blood One sighed, "That seems almost inevitable at this point."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly. "A war is going to kill so many innocent people and destroy so many homes!"

Blood One said in an indifferent voice, "Do you think the federal government has only been proposing going to war for the past few years? They began proposing this idea many years ago, and it never became a reality due to vehement opposition from the Dove Faction led by Shrek Academy. Now, it's really hard to say what's going to happen."

Tang Wulin sighed, "I just want to revive the academy so its ethos can continue to be passed down."

Blood One shook his head. "No, the scope of your responsibility is not limited to this. I originally also thought that this would be enough, but in reality, it's far from enough; do you know why?"

Tang Wulin shook his head.

Blood One continued, "Our Blood God Legion has been constantly guarding the abyssal passageway for over 6,000 years, not allowing the abyssal plane to invade our Douluo Continent. The greatest wish of one generation of Blood God Legion soldiers after another is to be able to completely eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane. However, no one in the past 6,000 years has been able to achieve this, and no one has even managed to propose a good course of action. All of that changed when you showed up. Your Golden Dragon Spear could well be a divine weapon for us when it comes to opposing the abyssal plane.

"If you can eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane, then you will be the true hero of the Blood God Legion and the entire federation, so you have to do more. No one can teach you exactly what to do, but as your senior, I can help you in every way that I'm capable of. You will need to control your own future, but I firmly believe that you'll accomplish greater things than anyone could ever imagine."

Eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane? Tang Wulin raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. He hadn't completely understood the meaning behind Blood One's words, but he still nodded in response.

The grand final finally arrived.

Following a series of emergency damage control, the g

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