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However, he couldn't muster up any resentment toward her when he thought about how she had appeared to try and save him in that dire situation. At the very least, she was a good-natured girl who knew to repay the kindness of others. She was like the classic naive, pure, and sweet girl, except without the sweet part.

His electronic badge was scanned to verify that he had indeed accumulated over 60 points. After that, he was assigned a number, and his opponent would be randomly drawn.

He could return to participate in the elimination matches once all of the examinations were over, which meant that he had completed the first round of the joust for a spouse event.

After departing from the Bright City Sports Stadium, Tang Wulin returned directly to the blacksmith association.

He had thought that these examinations would only be a formality, but who would've thought that so many things would happen? Meeting Qiangu Zhangting was to be expected, but it was quite a surprise to have encountered Lan Fuozi. She possessed Spirit Domain realm spiritual power and was also a Titled Douluo, yet didn't appear to be much older than him. The fact that he had never heard of such a prodigy before was very strange in itself.

What was even more important was the discovery of the Myriad Beast Plane.

If the Myriad Beast Plane really were as incredible as the workers proclaimed, then it would definitely create a massive stir in the Soul Master world.

All of the accusations levied against the Spirit Pagoda would most likely disappear as a result of the Myriad Beast Plane's release, and that was not something Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect wanted to see.

At this point, it was basically proven that the Spirit Pagoda had played a direct role in the destruction of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters, thereby making them sworn enemies. The Spirit Pagoda had to pay for all of the people that had perished during that tragic disaster, and the more powerful it became, the more difficult it would be to bring down.

Furthermore, its influence was only growing in the federation, and it had received the support of the government and military, so its position was virtually unshakeable in the federation.

On top of that, he had discovered the Sky Azure Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape in the restricted area. When he had emerged from the Myriad Beast Plane, he had clearly heard the workers of the Spirit Pagoda mention the term "restricted area", which meant that the area he had encountered the Sky Azure Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape in was a restricted one. This meant that the Spirit Pagoda hadn't managed to completely control the entire Myriad Beast Plane yet. In other words, the plane hadn't been invented by the Spirit Pagoda; they had merely discovered it.

In that case, he was most likely right about the identities of the Sky Azure Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape, and that was a good thing.

After establishing this clear train of

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